Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Day 24 (x2)

I've realised just how important exercise is to my dieting endeavours. Today I had been reasonably good - I'd gone out for lunch but made a decent choice and not touched the spicy potato wedges that came with my sandwich (unannounced!) although I did have a couple of biscuits at work (why...why??). Then, tired after a busy and productive day, I ended up passing a Farm Shop on my way home where I'd once had the most delicious caramel shortbread. So, what did I do?? Why, I stopped and bought a slab. It truly is delicious but was totally unnecessary.

Once home, I felt cheesed off with myself and tempted to just write off this evening and sink into whatever comfort food I could find. That despite the fact that I feel bloated from time of the month and was not remotely hungry. wonder if you've made any progress at all.

But then, the non-negotiable which has become my running kicked in and, although Shelley texted to cancel, I didn't once consider not going out myself. It's strange - I'm not keen on heading out into the cold, rainy, windy evening - but I know that I'll enjoy it once I get out there so I just do it. I managed a gale blown 4 miles and returned home much refreshed and totally committed to not eating my way through the evening. And I haven't! I had a pack, a milky coffee and a couple of slices of cold meat and that has been enough.

It's what Mrs said about making certain things "non-negotiable" and setting them in stone as part of one's routine. Well, I seem to have managed it with the running but I'm not quite there on the not eating.

I was thinking about the caramel shortbread too. That is the sort of thing I should be able to enjoy every now and then. It's delicious, homemade and delicious...did I mention that it's delicious??! My trouble is that I don't save up for proper treats like that...I squander my treat quota on crap like ordinary biscuits from the tin at work or slices of bread which I don't really need. If I could just cut them out then I could let proper treats slide in and actually enjoy them for what they are.

That is my goal for Easter - cut out the unnecessary and mediocre crap so that I can really lay into a luxurious Easter egg. Do you know that I've not had an egg for years?? I've always said I don't want one because I've always been on a bloody diet. Not this year - this year I'm going to enjoy it for what it is - a once a year special treat. And I'm going to make sure that I have a good quality and reasonably sized egg too. Can't wait.

Hope you're all well and doing better than I at keeping away from the biscuit tin. Tomorrow - I'm going cold turkey......


Peridot said...

That caramel shortcake sounds wonderful - is it millionaire's shortbread with chocolate on top? Can you send me a piece down to London please?! Not to encourage you of course, just to take the temptation away from you and eat it myself!

I think your attitude to the Easter egg is very balanced and sensible.

Peridot x

Lesley said...

Yeah - millionaire's shortbread - but not the sickly sweet stuff you usually get....this is creamy, home made and just yum....if i can have a really good week and no work biccies this is going to be my reward!

Crystal said...

We seem to be in the same boat here! I too seem to be doing pretty good with the exercise but the eating is where I lose my control. Everything just tastes so good! Been on a chocolate kick myself.

Hope you have better luck than I have. If you keep working on it I'm sure you will get there. Saving up for the good treats is a great idea and makes the treats that much better. Good luck!

Mrs said...

The thing is, everything you've written makes sense (from an empathy perspective). First, the running - you know, now, just how much better you'll feel afterwards. That is phenomenal.

Second, the shortbread - no food is really THAT terrible but you've hit the nail on the head when you say that it's better as an occasional treat that you can really savour. Like you, I'm not saving up for treats.

And the Easter egg thing? Oh yes, not had one for years because of the dieting on! So, enjoy yours!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx