Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Day 16 (x2)

Just a quick post as I can't be late for work this morning. I've just been to personal training and feel pleasantly tired. He was a bit of a sadist this morning as he pushed me really hard on the cross trainer right at the end of my workout....thought my thighs were going to shred!

I had a bit of an off day yesterday. I had allowed for a rest day in my training schedule but that seemed to thave the effect of giving me a rest day in my diet too!! That isn't right. I think it was partly work too - I had to work through lunch so grabbed some biscuits on my way to my next meeting and then just carried on in that vein for the rest of the day. Nothing too bad but definitely not going to help the Cambridge Diet!!! Still, I have time to put things right this week so all is not lost.

The pups are still gorgeous. It's alright for them to pile on the weight eh? Seems very unfair. Shelagh is looking great too and eating like a lion. She must eat twice the calories I do per day yet she's slim and fit as anything! Hey - you know things are topsy turvy with food when you start feeling jealous of your dog's diet!! Still, she gets chicken, minced beef, steak, fish, eggs...lucky bitch!!

So, I've got the footie tonight (Sheffield Wednesday v West Bromwich Albion for those who might be interested) and am going to have a small salad in Pizza Hut beforehand. Then back to the running on Wednesday through to Sunday! No training on Friday due to a meeting in Birmingham. I think, after my blip yesterday, that I need to keep the pressure on with my training as it seems to affect my eating too. And be a little more organised so I don't get caught out as I did yesterday.

Have a great day everyone!

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Mrs said...

Keep running, lovely Lesley!!

Hope you won the footie!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx