Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Days 21-23 (x2)

It's a hard life with 2 bairns to feed...

Note the differing feeding technique....Minty (on left) is much more focussed whereas Bobby tends to flail around a bit hence Minty is now 5 oz heavier than him!

Bored now...

Brother and sister resting. Sister on top...as usual...

More Mother love.

I feel a bit of a fraud putting Day 21-23 in the title to this post. I've not really been following the Cambridge Diet for the last few days. Last week was a bit of a disaster. I generally had 2 packs but then went awol in the evenings. Monday and Tuesday I've been better but have not got back to it properly. I missed my weigh in yesterday as I had a meeting in Leeds which overran so am going to re-arrange for next Monday and really concentrate until then. After my off-piste week, I have enough packs to see me through (if I use up some of my old LL ones to supplement!!).

I've not been going mad when I'm off-piste and have been doing lots of exercise so don't think it will set me back much but I really want to get that last stone off so must knuckle down.

I think it's lot harder with D being home. I don't want to deprive myself as much when he's around - I want to eat supper with him and have a glass of wine here and there. When he's away, I can empty the house of all temptation and concentrate on me me me and my intake. Much easier but not as much fun I must admit.

I managed a gentle stretch out type run on Sunday after my 10 miles on Saturday. I did a steady 4 miles but didn't push the pace or anything and I think that was right. Yesterday was my rest day and this morning was personal training. It's all as per my training schedule so I'm feeling very smug! I'm also really looking forward to running again tomorrow evening - ok, who are you and where is the real Lesley??!

I'm so into it now that I was even planning my big run for the weekend on www.mapmyrun.co.uk during my lunch hour. Depending on the weather, I think I'm going to run into Sheffield from home! That seems like such a huge thing to so but, if I go over the moors rather than on the main road, it'll only be 8.5 miles to my friend's house on the outskirts of Sheffield. There's a bloody great hill or 2 between here and there though so I think it'll be a challenge.

I remember a few years ago seeing a friend's wife who I know a little running out from Sheffield to Bamford as part of her training for the London marathon. I remember thinking - Wow! Look at that - I'd never be able to do that! Now I'm thinking -Hmmm, I wonder if I should plan a slightly longer route, 8.5 miles isn't that far... What a change eh?

I've just had my old boss and her 2 sons out to visit the pups. At first Shelagh was very jumpy and a bit grumpy but we sat back and let her come to us and after a while she let me and Bernadette hold the pups and the boys could stroke them too. They really enjoyed it (as did Bernadette - I'm sure she wanted to see them and used her boys as an excuse!) and I heard them whispering to mum on the way out - Mummy, can we have a real puppy soon???! I think she may have created a rod for her back there.

Minty and Marvin/Boby are very cute now - their eyes have opened and they're more active. I think we're getting the best one though - Minty is much more active, brave and inquisitive than Bobby. She tries to explore and nuzzles up to you when you pick her up whereas Bobby just cries and bit then falls asleep...! Just like a man I suppose... Hope you like the puppy porn...


ThickChick said...

Look at you Lesley - you're a running junkie!!!!

AAAAH, I wish I could will myself to the UK to cuddle up with those adorable babies of yours. I'm such a dog-freak to begin with, and those little sweeties are just too darling for words!

shelley said...

The third picture (Bored) down is fabulous! You should enter it in a photo contest.

Good job in your running!

Mrs said...


Am LOVING the puppy porn; thank you so much for making my day. The utter gorgeousness and squidgeyness of those bairns!

Am really pleased the running is happening! And how!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxxx