Friday, 7 March 2008

Day 19 (x2)

Well, I was going to post a reasonably long post but a friend who I haven't spoken to for ages just rang and we "watched" Crufts together over the phone. It was tricky chatting as Shelagh expressed her opinions quite forcefully throughout the programme!! She has spent most of the programme standing directly in front of the telly, barking, wagging and growling depending what she thinks of the dogs on the screen. She was not happy that the American Cocker Spaniel beat the English Cocker into second place in the Gundog category! Neither was I to be honest.....would have been nice to see a Cocker in the Best in Show competition....

So I haven't got long before I set off to the pub....I've had a pretty good day. Not foodwise, it's been too hectic and included too much travelling to worry about packs but I've not gone mad and just eaten "normally" that's novel eh?

I was knackered when I got back from my 6 hour legal negotiation meeting in Birmingham and really didn't want to get out for a run. BUT I had missed training today due to the meeting so I made myself get changed and get out there. I managed a brisk 5 miler and felt like a different person when I got back in. Whereas I might have been tempted to eat poorly if I hadn't not been out for the run, when I got in, I prepared a proper evening meal and have not pushed my luck.

I'm so much more in the zone with my running than I was even a few weeks ago. I even forgot I was running for a good 20 minutes at the end of my run and just processed my day and daydreamed. It's quite strange to suddenly find that you've covered a couple of miles and hardly noticed it! I'm going to try and do at least one BIG run this weekend. I'd like to try for 10 miles but the weather might not be conducive to that. We'll see.

In general, I've been aware of my growing fitness over the last few weeks. I have noticed little things like ease in climbing stairs, speed of walking round town or running up the steps to the football on Tuesday evening of even just the fact that my feet don't hurt like they used to. I have not forgotten how hard those things used to be when I was fat and it still gives me a lot of pleasure to inhabit this new body.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get some exercise in - it's great stuff!


Mrs said...

You trailblazer, you! Just great to read - again!

Please can we have some more puppy pics???

Have a fabulous weekend.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crystal said...

Glad to hear you are infected with the fitness's so nice isn't it? I, too, find myself eating better after a workout..don't want to load up on calories that I just worked so hard to burn off.

Hope you get a nice long run in this weekend and the weather behaves!

Peridot said...

I agree about Crufts - I couldn't believe that silly looking American Cocker won over all the other nice dogs in the final. The American Cockers are more like a toy breed in looks (ie silly, poofy little dogs) than the MUCH nicer English Cocker. Still, at least a 'proper' dog won, not another toy breed like usual.
Peridot x