Sunday, 17 June 2018

Hanging in there

I've made an effort to get back to basics this week. I've tried to make my breakfasts in particular healthy and bread free. I have gone back to yoghurt, fruit with a sprinkle of muesli or smoothies unless I'm golfing when I tend to go for bacon and eggs to fill me up.

I've played golf on Wednesday, Friday and today which has provided plenty of exercise but not much in the way of good scores. Still, there has been good company, especially on Friday afternoon when I played a Sheffield municipal course with Rich and some of his workmates. The round was so slow we ended up playing as a 5 (totally verboten) and had a great laugh.

The scales have moved gently downwards so I'm hopeful of a modest drop. Having said that I'm stuffed right now!! We had a cooked brunch before our round this morning and we've just polished off roast pork with the trimmings. I make it as low cal as possible but there is no way it is anything other than an indulgence. It made a fine end to a lovely Sunday though. We're now enjoying sofa time in front of the US Open!

Yesterday was a busy day. I started the day with chores and shopping and, on impulse, spent a while trying on smaller sized clothes which I had put away in a big vacuum pack under a guest bed. I found all sorts!! I fit into a nice Phase Eight dress which, with some new navy blue or pink shoes, will do nicely for my niece's wedding at the end of July. It fits now but will look even better should I drop 6 or 7 lbs by then.

I also rediscovered a nice golfing waterproof jacket and a couple of light sweaters. Wooo hoo - free stuff!!

The main focus of the day though was heading over to Glossop to pick up Jenny and then heading into Manchester to see Billy Joel at Old Trafford. We parked near Piccadilly station and had a quick supper at Carluccios there. I was pleased with my restraint in picking a salad for my main although picking the arancini starter was not great (but tasty!) and maybe I could have stepped away from the glass of white wine....

We took the tram up to Old Trafford arriving quite late and walking straight in with no queues. Apparently people arriving much earlier had an hour or so queueing so our time was much better spent in Carluccios! The evening stopped going right at that point though when we found our seats to discover that we had a great view of the side of the stage and couldn't even see the big screen! We had paid £68 each for our seats and there had been no mention of a restricted view.

A load of people around us complained and dozens, hundreds even were relocated to a restricted view section behind a lighting column at the very back of the stadium. We didn't bother but shifted to our left as people moved which improved our view marginally. On balance I think it was the right choice as the people who moved didn't get to their new seats for 40 minutes!!

Billy Joel is not about an amazing stage show anyway but the words and the music. And that was pretty good. Although his voice struggled late on in the concert, he still packed a punch and some of his songs are just amazing. We had a great time and I'll do my best tomorrow to get a refund for the crappy seating!!  It was a long evening though, I was tired as I drove home over the Snake Pass at 1am!!

Tomorrow I'm in Rotherham and am going to try to fit in a lunchtime run!  Fingers crossed that work permits this. I need to do this as we are going to the pub to watch the England game. I will stick to gin and slimline tonics but there may be a few of then!

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