Monday, 30 January 2017

Monday morning musings

The scales have very grumpily relented this morning. 2lb off, just. It has been a struggle and I feel as though I have been hovering between 16.6 and 16.8 for AGES. In reality it is only a fortnight but, because I was between those weights before Christmas, it does not feel like "fresh fat". 16.5 WILL be fresh fat and I will be very relieved to see that new number, hopefully very soon.

However, I'm living well, exercising well,  eating and drinking without painful restriction and still dropping weight steadily, although slowly. Surely Shome Mishtake. This is just not me. I seem to be able to make the connection between calories in and out and weight in a way I have never managed before. I'm making choices throughout the day, without resentment, and sticking to them. Day in, day out.  I have stopped looking for miraculous diets where I can eat loads and still drop weight. If I want to eat or drink more I must work more and I still can't do it too often. End of story.

So, I have stopped day dreaming about dropping 4 stone before we go to Australia in December and now expect the drop to be more modest- 2, 2.5 stone would be marvellous. But in doing so I will also be a lot fitter from all the running so I might LOOK as though I have dropped more.

The running is going great guns. I have streaked past 50km in January, am already up to 54.6km and am hoping to fit in a run this lunchtime. 

The pics below are from my dog free trot yesterday morning. It ended up quite gloomy so I felt blessed to have had some sunshine and have seen that amazing skyscape at the bottom.

In other news the Panto is getting very close. I was feeling confident as I had learned my lines and most of my songs. Then the director dropped a bombshell - could I understudy quite a big part as the actress playing it has family troubles (a dying relative I think) and might not be able to make one or more performances. She is very experienced in physical acting and comedy and the part has lots of lines, scenes, comedy and songs. Gonna be a big ask but what can you do?? Line learning for me!!

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