Saturday, 14 January 2017

After the wind came the snow

Whoops. Just spotted that I uploaded these pics and mistakenly published them. Was meant to save them as a draft and come back to chat. Will try later.

Hope you had a good weekend everyone.

I took these last Thursday night after our epic 10-nil win at darts and dominoes.  We had played away and were heading back to our local, the White Hart, for a few celebratory drinks.  It was a stunning evening, thick falling snow and quiet streets.  Perfect.

Friday was even more beautiful.  Despite my hangover, I headed out for a lunchtime walk.  The snow was melting fast but the mud was manageable.  How lovely though.  The blue sky and covering of snow elevated our usual walk across the fields to "stunning" status.

It was so lovely that I couldn't resist a quick evening walk as well before the snow totally disappeared.  The streets were slippy as hell but, once again, the views made it totally worth it. The. pinkish evening light on the snowy fields...aaaah

I could see the beginnings of a bright sunset just round the corner from this point but sadly my phone battery gave up the ghost after this shot.  Taking photos in low light really drains it.  Hey ho.  Even without the money shot, it was a wonderful day to be out and about in the Peak District.

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