Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Back to Skool

It has been a good solid re-start to real life. I have managed my 11,000 steps including a 4.6km run at lunchtime. Shelagh was much chirpier about going for a run today, maybe because Rich was not sitting on a nice warm sofa giving her a more palatable alternative!

Fickle little doggie.

I have also logged all my calories most assiduously and managed my daily deficit of 500 calories so all is good. And that includes a couple of Thorntons chocs while watching back to back Elementary. Rich is on a mission to clear some programmes from our Planner so we are rapidly developing square eyes!

So, all in all, a good start. I'm in the office tomorrow which will be easier than being at home in a house stuffed full of post Christmas treats. There are boxes of contraband still to get through. At this rate of minimal consumption we will have a houseful of shortbread 'til Easter.

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