Monday, 9 January 2017

Holding on

Well, I was right -  I didn't drop much last week but didn't gain either which I take as a positive after a full week of cold and cough. I actually dropped 0.5 lb taking me to top end of 16.9! Go me. 

The cold is just about gone too but the cough is, true to form, lingering. My family excels at coughing. My nana used to cough to a national standard and this tradition has been impressively continued by my auntie Barbara, my dad, my sister and myself.  Rubbish lungs are evidently very much a Nowell family trait. Grrrr

I have not hit my 11k target for daily steps this week. In fact it was my worst ever Fitbit week. I only managed 68k against a target of 77k.  But, if I put that another way, I nearly managed 10k steps each day in a week when for 6 days I had felt like death warmed up. I might not have run far or fast but I walked and I logged lots of stairs and lots of active minutes and I counted calories for 5 out of 7 days too. So my Fitbit helped me to not slide off that wagon so soon after  the excesses of Christmas and New Year.

We went up to Middlesbrough for the FA Cup tie yesterday. A coach trip from the New Barracks Tavern in Sheffield stopping off in a little village in the North Yorkshire moors called Swainby. We've stopped there a few times but never before on a Sunday. It was lovely so I went for a quick walk to take some pics of the lovely brook running through the middle of the village. I knew we were in the north-east as I met 4 Bedlington terriers on a 10 minute stroll!

And, as I walked back into the pub, my Sunday roast was being served. Mmmmmm pork. It was truly delicious but seriously generous Yorkshire portions.  I had packed sandwiches for our return journey but we didn't eat them till we got home as we were so stuffef So, half a lb off is an achievement indeed.

BTW, the match was rubbish. We lost 3 nil and played a dispiritingly negative style of football which took me back to the bad old days. Hey ho - I suppose we can concentrate on the league now. Sigh.

Hopefully I will be well enough to tackle a gentle run tomorrow. I really want to hit fresh fat next week and a few runs would help with that.  The main thing though is just to keep on stepping and logging those calories and being mindful and deliberate and it will come.


Seren said...

Half a pound is a fantastic result when you've been poorly - you should be very proud, and it's amazing that you've managed to keep active. All I want to do when I'm ill is curl up on the sofa and mainline tea.

I should commiserate on the football results, but as a sort of Boro supporter (by association) I feel that it would be disloyal. Mind, his Nibs was listening to the match commentary and was so bored in the first half that he fell asleep, so it doesn't sound like either team covered themselves in glory. At the very least, I am glad that you enjoyed some good North Yorkshire hospitality.


Pam said...

I have that cough too. I shall blame you. Let's get better together.

Lesley said...

But, I'm innocent!! It's a deal, we shall recuperate in cross border solidarity! Lxx