Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Good days

It's annoying when the scales don't descend in a linear manner. Disappointing results can be disheartening and I admit that after Monday's weigh in, I was, momentarily, disheartened. I had had a good week and then, nothing. 

However, I know that I have taken in over 4,500 calories less than I burned and have been for 3 runs and 3 decent walks so I know that, if I keep doing what I'm doing, the weight will come off. It's that old dieter's maxim - knowledge is power and my Fitbit is the perfect means by which to acquire knowledge.

Also, what Seren said, weighing daily, as long as you can ignore the odd anomaly, does show a direction of travel. I know that mine is a downward direction. At the end of November I peaked at 17.6 and for 2 days of last week I hit 16.6 so that is an irrefutable drop. 

I just need to keep the faith and keep on doing what I'm doing. It will come. 

So, enough of the over-dramatising a minor setback and on with sensible eating and exercising. I had good days yesterday and today - yesterday 15,000 steps and 90 minutes of dancing and today I went for a 4.5km hilly run. 

Food has been modest too so I was able to enjoy a slice of Christmas cake this evening. I always prefer Christmas cake in January and February. Never fancy it at Christmas - maybe I'm not hungry enough for the richness of it and there is so much other contraband around. But in January the odd skinny slice is just a taste of heaven. 

Our run was challenging today. I chose a new route around Bradwell, one we would normally walk rather than run. It was way more hilly than my current routes but I kept up a reasonable pace and made it through only a little knackered. 

Right at the end of our run the sun peeked through the icy gloom so I stopped for a few snaps. Can you tell that I'm a bit tired??

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