Friday, 20 January 2017


This week has been much better than last.  One "bad" day so far and even then I was still more calories out than in, just didn't manage my planned 500 cal deficit.  Tuesday was not meant to be a treat day. I had prepared a spicy Spanish sausage casserole for supper and had intended to pop it into the oven before heading into Sheffield for a catch up dance lesson. Off we trotted and reached the edge of town before I remembered that the casserole was not in the oven.  Gah!  

After our lesson - a very pleasing hour learning the quickstep which we have somehow got totally left behind at - we were tired and hungry.  I had no resistance when Rich suggested picking up a supermarket curry on our way home.  So - an unscheduled 1000 calorie meal rather put a hole in my day.  Whoops.

But apart from Tuesday it has all been pretty good.   My exercise has definitely picked up.  Maybe not long sessions but a consistent series of runs and walks interspersed with dancing, panto'ing and just generally moving around in a busy fashion.

So far I have managed 2 good runs (3.6km and 4.3km respectively), and 2 hour plus hill walks so far this week.  I have plans for a really good  stretch out tomorrow and will be meeting up with my school pals for a walk on Sunday so it should, should,  be a good, active week so long as I don't let go of the reins and go crazy with food.

On Wednesday I had an early morning appointment in Sheffield for a dental CT scan preparatory to dental implants which I'll be having in the next month or so.  It was very high tech and space age-y and I instantly received the good news that I have "oodles" of bone in my jaw so will not require expensive and delaying bone grafts - yay!!

But, even more life-affirming was the drive back home.  As I rounded the corner at Surprise View, I could see the remnants of the early morning mist lying pouffily on the valley floor.  I couldn't resist and had to pull over, dice with traffic-related death and snap a few quick pics for your delectation.


The panto rehearsals are going well, albeit it is terrifying how much we have still to do and how little time we have in which to do it.  I'm told that this is always the case and it's always alright on the night.  I suspect, however, that you just do not hear about the embarrassing debacles out of sheer, British politeness.  If ours is one of these, you will certainly hear no more about the matter of the panto on this blog....

I have actual lines now - Woman 3 in an early crowd scene and Sailor 3 on the ship over to Morocco. I seem to be involved in 3 songs - In the Navy, Knees up Mother Brown and Razzle Dazzle and that is not even thinking about the camel dance routine to Madness.  Eeeek.  I tried on my camel trousers yesterday - a perfect fit and sooooo furry- he he he.

Tonight, my beloved Sheffield Wednesday has travelled all the way down to Brighton.  We have been to away games at Brighton several times recently and it is a Friday night as well so we have decided to stay up north this time.  The match is on television though so I will be watching (and living) every kick.  Richard is out this afternoon/evening on a works leaving do so I will be heading over to Bamford to watch the match with our Wednesday pal, another Richard.  You have to have company for these matters!

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