Friday, 20 January 2017

Depressed and demoralised

I tried to avoid it but ended up hearing parts of the ridiculous, plumped up, insincere, rabble rousing, nationalistic, ignorant promises which can't possibly be met made by the incomparably awful POTUS.

It is a sad day for us all but especially people who believe in goodness,  kindness, fairness, intellectual rigour and respect. Oh and the planet.

It can only encourage similar sorts of nonsense from our dumbing down quicker than Hello magazine politicians. They will have seen that slagging off experts and factual evidence,  repeating tired slogans and meaningless mantras evidently works so why try to actually do a good job? You may as well do a rubbish job and just keep announcing that things are getting better and no-one will notice the difference.

Oh God - these are the people negotiating our Brexit deal....

So anyway, sorry for the gloom. I will be back with sunny positivity eventually. Here are some pretty pictures taken this afternoon. It was simply spectacular.  I went up to Bamford to walk Rich's dad's dog Wispa. Minty and Shelagh were present but were mostly too busy obtaining and burying sticks to stray into photo range.

We walked over the fields toward Yorkshire Bridge and then up New Road under Bamford Edge. I was intending to walk down the Clough and home but the Clough was closed for some reason. I nearly went down anyway and heard this would have been fine but you can't take risks with 3 dogs. So it was a return trip but at least I could enjoy the view for twice as long!!

This guy did not move, just squawked at me while his lady friend hid behind him.

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Pam said...

Well, yes. But your pictures are beautiful.