Saturday, 21 January 2017

I just kept on running....

I managed a good 5.75km this afternoon, quite hilly and quite quick too. I'm down to an average pace of 7.35km per hour. Speed is not an exact science with me as I usually run with the dogs so have to put leads on and off and stop to pull them aside when cyclists go past so the number of delays can vary quite a bit. Also I run different routes and some have stiles and gates and muddy terrain etc whereas others are on long tracks and quicker.

All the same, I look at my stats and can see a gradual increase in speed and distance. I think I could manage a 10km now (Beth!) although a flattish one and it would be slow!!

While looking through my stats I noticed something else - this year I have run 39.99 km which is very close to my marathon target from last year. That target went by the by but this time I look like I'm going to ace it in less than a month. It's the consistency which is making all the difference. Once I start hitting a steady 3 or 4 runs each week it is a LOT easier to make myself go out. My chimp doesn't protest as much and it has become just something I do. It also helps that running is (mostly) actually enjoyable now. I am that little bit fitter so it doesn't hurt and I don't feel as pole-axed afterwards.

So, my target for January is to run 50km or more. I have just over a week to finish off the last 10km. I'm genuinely looking forward to it.

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