Thursday, 3 November 2016

Walking the walk

Well that last fresh start didn't come to much did it?. The bulk of October disappeared in a welter of work pressure. It was largely horrid. I was at the sticky end of a sale of a huge chunk of land for development as a family leisure resort (I can reveal it's going to be a Gullivers World now that the deal is done and the press releases are out there.)

The last few weeks in getting the job over the line were fairly horrendous though with an awkward other side and an unsupportive management.  The crucial last week was particularly bad as every other officer involved with the transaction was on leave for half term! Cue strains of "All by myself" a la Bridget Jones...but without the laughs....

So, I was clinging on to sanity and dieting, exercising and blogging did not feature. I'm therefore actually PLEASED to report that I'm the same weight as I was when this farce of a "bootcamp" began.

I say farce but it has just been bad timing. Without it I'm sure that I would have gained a chunk of weight and be dreading  a fatso Christmas. As it is, I'm no worse than when I started, I'm eating healthier and have reinstated (somewhat shakily) some proper, sweaty exercise back into my life.

This last week since Gullivers exchanged I have been out running 3 times and to 1 class. Next week will be the tester, can I keep it up??

I'm going to buy a Fitbit. Say no more.

So, I've emerged, blinking, from my tunnel and have 3 weeks left to try to drop some weight so that bootcamp has not been a total bust on the weight side. I've dragged the book out, logged my food so far and set today's mini targets - no booze at darts and dominoes this evening and some form of exercise before I go out (I'm thinking a short run).

Wish me luck peeps!!

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