Saturday, 12 November 2016

Less golf, more running, ahem, dog walking

This Wednesday just gone, when I should have been playing golf, the snow arrived.  Only on the hills but enough to stop us playing, yet again.  So back home to my laptop and waiting for the fog to lift so I could go out at lunchtime.

I really meant to go out for a run, honest, but that day my chimp won.  She used some seriously rubbish excuses involving running gear being in the wash and it being cold, and I fell for it. So a walk it was. Hey ho, you can't win 'em all and I've been out running since so no harm done.

The skies were a lowering grey but interesting and the hills were snow capped so it was a lovely lunchtime brisk tramp with my girls.

We said hello to these little chaps sheltering behind their wall on top of the hill.

Still a few autumn colours left.

I forced my unwilling models to pose on a park bench and in 5 shots found only one in which they were not blurry or grumpy.

The house to the right has been derelict for years but is now being renovated. I'm jealous of the lovely views and location.

I like this moody, misty shot though the trees over the ravine to Bradwell Edge beyond.

This horse might look lonely and forlorn but he had several pals in his field.

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