Saturday, 5 November 2016

Autumn walk with 4 dogs

We were looking after our friend's 2 dogs a couple of weeks ago. 10 days with 4 dogs was quite an experience. Our visitors, blonde bombshell Jazz and stately gent Archie, were beautifully behaved but Minty was not the hostess with the mostest,  unless it was the mostest growling and barking.  After a couple of days Jazz decided she didn't have to take that crap from Minty and a few spats ensued. So we were never far from a scrap for over a week!

That said, it was fun too and when we were out walking or running peace broke out.

I took these pics out walking one lunchtime. It had been bright sunshine all morning so it didn't occur to me to take a coat. Until we parked up at Bamford Rec and I saw the ominous grey skies looming. Whoops.

We picked up the pace but I couldn't resist trying to snap a pic of all 4. After a few minutes trying I realised that restraining them was the only option hence their grumpy expressions. Funny though.

We strode down the old railways track with chilly briskness as it tried to chuck it down. Luckily the rain didn't quite materialise and by the time we reached the stepping stones at Bamford, the sun had reappeared. Hallelujah!

The field before the river was fabulous. Empty so they could be off the lead and they made the most of it - racing around at top speed, running and careening, barking and chasing. It was glorious to watch such doggie happiness.

Bamford Mill in weak autumn sunshine.

I couldn't resist tying them up again! He he he...

Minty and Shelagh are happy to be back to normal now that Jim and Stacey have returned from their holiday. But their relief will have been as nothing to poor old Archie's! What a gentle, stately old gent he was but his patience with the flightier girls was wearing thin....he ended up pleading with us to let him sleep in our bedroom for some peace and there he slept for the last few nights, good as gold at the foot of the bed.


Pam said...

Rather you than me! They look lovely but hard work. I thought of you when I wrote what I wrote about golf courses but thought, oh, I don't think Lesley often reads my blog; I'll get away with it! Ok, maybe let's just turn a couple of them into parks... and ban graffiti-writers and litter-droppers from them. How about that?

Seren said...

*waves hello* either I am SERIOUSLY unobservant or sometimes posts don't pop up when they should on my Bloglovin' feed. How annoying.

Great to see you back and back to it - I can definitely sympathise with work madness of late and when work is difficult it seems to have a knock on effect on everything else which is just sad. I guess for us life long dieters it's just a case of developing coping strategies for getting through the busy periods without it having too detrimental an effect.

Anyway, lovely to see you back and LOVED the pictures. Your girls are as beautiful as ever, as were their two friends. I am, as you know, a dedicated cat person but I do sometimes wish for dogs if only to give me a reason to get out walking them in the fresh air - my feline is as unfortunately somnolent as me!!