Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Frosty Tuesday

Oh how I love working from home. On a frosty, crisp autumn/winter cusp day it is just heaven. I forced myself to stay at my desk from early until 11 then grabbed the dogs and headed out with my camera.

I took loads of pics with my DSLR camera until the battery gave up when I switched to my mobile. These were taken during the second half of our walk on the mobile.

As you can see it was a stunning day. A hard frost with wisps of icy mist hanging in the air.

As I said yesterday, I'm loving my Fitbit. I'm using the calorie tracker to keep tabs on everything I eat and this is getting easier day by day as I save my  favourites and get in the habit of weighing certain foods which we eat often. I like the visual effect of seeing the calories I've expended outstripping those I'm eating and drinking.

It seems to be sticking in my mind more effectively than that "calories in vs calories out" thing ever has with me. Maybe I'm just rather slow; I've heard that maxim over and over but it has never previously affected how I actually behave.

I usually either limit my intake extremely strictly (Lighter Life) or stick to certain rules with a view to eating as many "unlimited" foods as possible. The Slimming World mentality if you will. This has in the past lead me to a habit of unrestrained grazing which is not too bad when I'm grazing on good stuff but, as the reins slacken, the toast and sweets kick in.

With this new unvarnished calorie counting approach there seems to be less hiding and more accountability. I'm thinking about whether I want every morsel, every piece of fruit or slice of ham. Do I really want or need it or am I just eating it because it's in the unlimited bracket?

It also puts a premium on the extra calories one "earns" through exercise. Today, having taken the dogs out for a hilly hour at lunchtime, I still had the motivation to go for a short, sharp (and very cold) run just before it went dark this afternoon. I'm pretty certain that motivation would not have been there without the Fitbit tyrant strapped to my wrist.

So I managed 13,000 plus steps today and 45 flights of stairs climbed. Let's see how I do tomorrow!


Love Cat said...

I love my fitbit - so addictive! It's funny what some stats can do for your motivation. If you want to add me my email is laineymcl@hotmail.com


Love Cat said...

I love my fitbit (although I'm a massive slacker just now). It's amazing what a stat can do for your motivation! If you want to add me it's laineymcl@hotmail.com xx

Peridot said...

Um, not to sound a Luddite doofus, but how does it know your calorie consumption?