Monday, 28 November 2016

Post Bootcamp reality

 Saturday was a dramatic day. The Valley was blanketed in one of the thickest fogs I've ever experienced. We were due to play golf early so dutifully turned up to the club for a 7.45 start.  Too frosty to go out until 8.30 so we had a coffee confident that soon the fog would lift.

It did not. We played the full 18 holes in a thick cloud. It was a bit dicey at times not knowing whether the group in front had moved far enough on not to be in range, especially as one of our group hit the ball a country mile.

I felt confident that no ramblers would be daft enough to walk over a golf course in that fog but later chatted to a mate who had assumed that none of us would be daft enough to be out playing!! She had been dicing with death (or at least a serious golf ball sized bruise)!

Anyway, Rich played out of his skin and I backed him up a bit and we were narrowly pipped into second place. Yay - vouchers to buy more golf gear!

I had to go to B&Q in the afternoon (not my favourite task but still preferable to painting the ceiling). As I drove into Sheffield I climbed up onto the Moor near Fox House and suddenly emerged from the cloud into a brilliant afternoon of blue sky and bright sunshine. I have seen that effect before but never as dramatically. The fog was so dense and the sunshine so clear and bright. You coukd see the tops of trees poking out from the cloud. Stunning stuff.

I took the photos above on my drive back from Sheffield - they don't really capture the pillowy cloud in the valley with the setting sun reflecting on the top of it. If I had had more time I would have found a better spot but I had to race back to shower and change for our big night out.

It was Rich's work's "Christmas" dinner and the bus was picking us up at 5.30! Eeek. I drank rather a lot of average wine and ate well but sadly the DJ was awful so we did not do as much dancing as I would have liked. Some, but the halfway decent songs were rare and isolated!

Anyway, here we are looking unseasonably festive.

I think the excesses of the last 2 weekends have encouraged me to get back on track. I have been working hard to keep my step count up and do more exercise. My Fitbit has started to change my behaviour. I'm consciously parking further away from shops and the office and getting out of the lift at the third floor and walking up the next 2 floors.

After a week of focusing on steps etc I started tracking calories today too. It is the first time I've had any confidence in tracking. It somehow seems easier than previous efforts.  Okay so it is only day 1 but I'm feeling quite positive. And 500 calories spare today too.

Long may it last!!

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Fabulous photos!