Saturday, 5 November 2016

Saturday morning run.

Well, Lean Queens might only have resulted in 2lbs off to date but it seems to have changed my attitude to exercise. It was surprisingly easy to get myself out for a run this morning. 3.6km so shorter than recent runs but taken at a slightly brisker pace so all good. 

Map My Run tells me that I've managed a minimum of 3 runs per week for the last 3 weeks which is what I'd like to keep up through the winter if possible. The scenery is so lovely at this time of year so it really is no hardship. 

Anyway, that is pretty much all I have to report. We're off to the football soon so a few hours of trying to avoid drinking pints of the delicious Bradfield Brewery's Belgian Blue which only appears between November and January. Maybe just the one??

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