Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 11 November 2016

Autumn running

This was a week last Wednesday. I should have been playing golf but the frost lay thick and crispy on the course. My playing partners and I sat with coffees for an hour but eventually had to concede defeat and go home to do some work instead. By lunchtime it was clear and sunny so I took the dogs out for a run along the old railway track up to the Ladybower reservoir.

The autumn colours were lovely, the sky not as blue as it could be but beautiful nonetheless.

Bamford Edge loomed over us to our right.

I chugged slowly but surely up the big hill to the dam wall and was proud that I didn't stop.

The sun started to peek through too.

Then over the dam wall and down the hill to the Derwent River. I watched a dipper on a rock for a couple of minutes.

Bootcamp (such as it has been) is nearly over, only 2 more weeks. It has not been a great success for me in terms of weight loss but there have been some positives:

  1. I have stuck it out, been to class every week and done my best in trying circumstances.
  2. I've met some lovely women.
  3. I have not gained weight and even hope to drop a few lbs in the last fortnight with a decent late push.
  4. Work was a pig for most of the 10 weeks and I have in the past gained large chunks during those tough times which I haven't this time.
  5. I HAVE regained my enthusiasm for proper exercise and am not finding it hard to get out for runs or to go to classes. 
So I'm NOT going to be disheartened, really what would be the point? And I AM going to build on the exercise thing and keep reminding myself that I really do enjoy it!!

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Seren said...

Those are all excellent positives! And, as well, bear in mind that your dog walks are probably much more strenuous than most of us embark upon. Love the pic of the girls on the bench!