Monday, 14 November 2016


This is me with my oldest and closest friend Jenny. I love this pic, it reminds me of dozens of shots just like it over the years. We used to do selfie on film cameras which was always a gamble but some came out well

And this is the 4 of us from school looking really happy to be together, which we were.

I had been meaning to organise a get together and spotted an ad for an artisan craft market being held at Haddon Hall near Bakewell. Amazingly we were all free on less than a week's notice. It was a short rendezvous but lovely.

The location for a posh craft market could not have been better and the weather was stunning.
The stalls were diverting and I bought several Christmas gifts (and a little giftette for me too).

Diet still going nowhere but I made it out for a run on Saturday. Hmmmm. Come on woman, get it together!

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Pam said...

What a lovely trip! I've still got seven school friends that I see regularly (and another one irregularly). We've known each other since we were 5, so that's ... argh... 61 years.