Saturday, 8 October 2016

Our apple tree

Trees generally just do their own thing don't they?  Hanging around in the garden; blossom in spring; apples in the autumn; they need chopping back from time to time; and you have to rake up their leaves come October, somewhat annoyingly but generally you leave them to their tree thing.

Well, our apple tree has added a new move to its repertoire - it fell over in September!  I went out to hang up some washing a few weeks ago and was confused by the tree leaning against the washing line.  On investigation I noted that the whole tree, weighted down by top heavy branches and LOADS of fruit had fallen over in the soft earth after days of rain.  It is not actually lying down but is definitely leaning dramatically.

So, rather than harvesting the fruit gradually throughout the autumn as I usually do, I decided to get the lot down all in a on'er this afternoon.  It was surprisingly taxing.  Picking up the windfalls, picking the easy fruit and then climbing up a ladder to get the high fruit.  Being poked and prodded by twigs and branches and getting my hair taffled up in twigs - I was lucky not to poke my eyes out to be honest!  Then there is the question of what to do with all the apples??

I distributed a few bags to the neighbours as usual; a few bags to the local pubs; and I put ads on local online forums and free ad sites and several people have dropped round for a bag.  One family (friends of mine from Bamford) popped round with the kids to pick a couple of bags.  Wendy is an awesome cook (used to run a gorgeous cafe and bake dozens of cakes each week) so I know my apples will be going to a great home there.  The kids were lovely too - the lad climbing up the conveniently supine trunk to get to the high fruit and the teenage daughter playing with Minty and Shelagh.  So sweet and somehow old-fashioned (in a good way).

Trouble is, I still have bags and bags to get rid of!  I'm going to freeze several batches of stewed apples myself but that will only account for so much.  I still have several bags to give to other friends and family and will work on giving away the rest.  I hate waste!

Not bad exercise either.  I was stiff as a board by this evening though so our dog walk was somewhat gingerly executed.  (That could be the after effects of spinning though too - I have 2 patches of muscle at the top of my calves which are just solid.)  I cannot stretch them out so just have to take everything sloooowly. But that gave the dogs plenty of time to chase golf balls while I strolled along behind.

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Pam said...

Pity we don't live nearer you! I'd be delighted to have some apples.

Well done for the weight loss.