Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Golf is ace for a Fitbitter

I played golf this morning. Once again it was a frosty start but luckily my playing partners could play a bit later so I got a couple of hours work in before heading up to the club at 10 am.  After an hour or so the skies cleared and the sunshine appeared. It was  a truly beautiful morning.

A round of golf at my club clocks up around 12,000 steps and over 50 flights of stairs which helps greatly with the calories in/out calculation.

Usually I would tuck into a bacon and egg sarnie before and some sort of a bar of the way round. Today I still had bacon and eggs but replaced the  bread with tomatoes and mushrooms. I did without the snack as well.  I also managed to have a healthy lunch after golf despite being ravenous and wanting to fall into something fattening with bread!

This restraint is all due to my current Fitbit obsession. Yay - long may it last.

Then it was back home for more work and squeezing in a 30 minute dog walk before it got dark. The skies were gorgeous too. Apricot in one direction and pinky mauve in the other. Then later the apricot had darkened to tangerine. Just wow.

Life is hectic at the moment so even after the walk we still had plenty to do. An hour painting in our bedroom for me before leaving Rich hard at work and heading over to a friend in Bamford. She is a whizz with a sewing machine and has a new overlocker (whatever the hell that is). This made her the perfect pal to exploit in my quest for a fancy dress costume for the Santa's Scramble golf match next week.

I think I've posted pics in previous years - onesies and a snowman have both featured. This year my team have chosen the Spice Girls. I'm Ginger (in your honour of course Peridot). The trouble is, bought fancy dress costumes tend to be somewhat skimpy and, although mine went on, it was like a sausage casing on me. No worries - my mate expertly inserted some side panels into my Union Flag dress and I'm good to go!!

So then home to cook supper and collapse in front of the telly. Luckily all the walking left me with loads of calories to go at so lamb chops and apple pie.....A lovely reward for a busy day!!

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Peridot said...

You're totes an honorary ginger: you can tell them I said so! You've definitely got the sass down pat!