Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Still standing, just

It's been radio silence for a while now. Mostly because life is very hectic. But there is good news to report......drum roll......after 6 and a half months, we have finally exchanged contracts on the house!!! We complete this Friday and then take the following week to clean and decorate before moving in on the 19th December. So, not a busy time at all....

The seller was disorganised about finding somewhere to move to but, to be fair to her, local landlords were a pain in the ass.  Eventually she got it together just in time for Christmas (and just before our mortgage offer expired!!).

So, my diet hasn't really stood a chance. I remain stubbornly clinging onto that solitary lb off. Which actually represents control over my weight in trying times. I just wish I wasn't controlling it at this heavy point but somewhere south on the scale.

Worse, though, is the fact that  exercise has dropped off a cliff. Missing personal training, dancing, no running for 5 weeks.....eeek. To this end, I VOW that I'm going to go for a run this lunchtime.

My train is arriving now so I will leave it at that!! But I feel better for making that pledge. Wish me luck peeps!!

But, just before I go, here are a couple of pics of my naughty hounds who both rolled in something foul and had to be showered. Typically, this happened just before we were going out to Rich's captain's dinner at the golf club last weekend.  grrrrr

I was not sympathetic to their complaints....


Linz M said...

Congrats on the house! I'm in the same boat with exercise, good luck with re-introducing it :)


Seren said...

Oh, such sad eyes! Bless them.

Am sooooo pleased to here you are going to be installed into the new place by Christmas - I'm sure when you're sat there with a glass of fizz on Christmas morning all the manicness will be worth it. And it's wonderful that you've been maintaining your weight during such a stressful period. You should be really proud. The diet will still be there come January and I have no doubt you'll get those scales moving in the right direction.


Isabelle said...

Hooray for the house! My London daughter is having similar (ish) problems trying to exchange contracts on the flat they're moving into on Jan 3 (they hope).

Poor doggies! They look very sad!

Peridot said...

Fab photos! Let that be a lesson to you (stern voice)

And good news on the new home front!