Monday, 12 November 2012

Week 8 Results

So, time marches on and I have now had 59 consecutive cold showers*. Although I officially started the regime on Monday 17 September, I had already tried the cold shower and black coffee thing for a couple of mornings while I read the book.

I stepped on the scales this morning with the usual Monday morning dose of fear and trepidation. I was, therefore, well chuffed to see a modest drop of 1.2 lbs taking me to an 8 week total of 12.2 lbs. I am within touching distance of that first stone off which is an extremely important psychological milestone for me. It signals that I mean business and have achieved an objective level of success.  I am not quite there but nearly.....

Jeeez - just realised that 12.2 lbs spread over 59 cold showers equals a drop of 0.21 lb per cold shower!! That so does not seem worth it! (To employ a teenage intonation....apologies.)

But I am feeling (once again) very positive. I can see myself sticking to this regime, albeit with varying degrees of success, for a long time to come.
The weekend wasn't too bad once I came back from my parents (and I stopped eating sticky toffee pudding).  I played golf and went for a walk on Sunday and ate well too.  I even managed to resist nearly all treatlets after the pub quiz (we were victorious once again) too.
So, to be honest, I haven't got a lot to report -  I dropped a bit of blubber, had a good weekend, lot's of fun and no dramas, hmmm.
Must try harder to find things to write about.... 

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