Thursday, 8 November 2012

Information is King!

Or, as Mrs L would say, Knowledge is Power!!

I have had this brought home to me quite firmly this morning. Let me explain.

When I work in the office I tend to be up pretty early (6.30am) so am ready for my first meal of the day (and starving) by mid-morning. Sometimes I'm able to postpone this until an early lunchtime but other days I have a breakfast and a late lunch. When I do the former, I'm somewhat constrained by the choices in the cafe downstairs (I barely have time and brainpower to bring lunch let alone starting on breakfast too!!). I have, therefore, got into the habit of having a delicious wholemeal carrot and seedy muffin. I have been feeling relatively virtuous because I do not have the chocolate or caramel or sweet fruity muffins but choose the more earthy/healthy version.

Well, today there was no carrot muffin out so I asked if they had any in the back which they did but this time in its package! This meant that I could check the dietary stats out. Yikes! 66g of carbs! The muffin I looked up at random came in more like 40g so I'd been wokring on something like that.

No wonder my progress has been slow when I make errors like that. I'm meant to be trying to keep my carbs under 140g per day. While I don't count slavishly, I have been trying to approximate.

Ah well, I know now so I can plan accordingly. For the record, by the time I'd spotted the dietary stats hidden deep in the folds of the packaging, I'd already opened the pack and was halfway through the muffin. I continued of course and enjoyed the muffin all the more for knowing how naughty it is!!

A bacon and egg sandwich would be better (and more filling) than the muffin. If I ask, they'd probably do me bacon and egg without toast anyway so that might be the answer for those days when I need to eat breakfast.

Tee hee.....

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