Monday, 5 November 2012

Week 7 Results

Well, despite my having a snippet of an idea about avoiding my weigh-in this morning using the excuse that I forgot due to getting up ridiculously early for the 6.30 train, I managed to talk my chimp into stepping on the scales. Hmmm They have remained stubbornly the same (to the decimal point) every single morning this week and today was no exception. So it is a STS for me. Neither good nor bad.

Before I start to talk myself into despondency, however, I note that the exact same thing happened to me in Week 2; static scales all week followed by a STS. Perhaps this is my body's pattern? I'll just have to stick it out for another 5 weeks to find out!!

I have not been bad although I can see some slightly worrying traits emerging:

On the worrying side is the fact that I have been light on exercise. One run, a few walks and dancing. Not much at all. My meals have been somewhat "hearty" as well although the actual meals have been healthy, I have eaten somewhat generous, autumnal portions.

On the good side, I've stuck broadly to the plan, still having my cold showers and black coffees and POM ("period of movement - or "walk" to you, me and the dogs) every morning. I've been very good about not snacking and, apart from a planned for departure for a couple of pints and a pie and chips on Saturday afternoon before the footie, booze and badness totally under control.

I've been to the cinema without any naughtiness, a train trip with no cappuccino or muffin purchased, 2 night's out with only one and two glasses of wine respectively and lots of healthy, homemade soups and stews.

The only reason for any worry at all really is that, historically, this is the danger zone for me. I need to guard against complacency and my chimp sneakily wheedling little extras here and there. This is what she does, lulls me into a false sense of security and then undermines me from the inside while pretending that we are shoulder to shoulder sticking to the plan!

So - it is Back To Basics for Lesley this week and MORE EXERCISE!

To this end, I need to plan better. (That said, I had planned to go to swimming before football on Saturday but my friend Kerry said she was coming out and, as she's having a very tough time with an ill mother and work issues, I couldn't desert her. Some things ARE more important than dieting and friends in strife definitely count as one of them.)

So, what am I planning to do differently (and better) this week?? Well, we are foregoing dancing for once tonight in favour of a bonfire and fireworks. I took the early train in to work this morning to make sure I was in by 7.30am which allows me to leave before 4pm. I know that, if I say I'll drive in early, time just extends and I find things to do at home or have another few minutes in bed and, before I know it, I'm driving in at my usual time. The discipline of catching the early train helps me focus. So, I now have time to get home, have a short, sharp run, shower, change and get out to the bonfire. And, now that I've written it down, I can't wriggle out (can we, Chimpetta??!). Yay!

I'm also contemplating using the early train ruse tomorrow as well so that I can fit in some exercise before we go to the football in the evening. I'll either do that or go for a run at lunchtime! Revolutionary stuff eh? By way of planning and also as my lunchtime POM, I went for a walk along the canal today. Usually I walk into town but it was a nice day and I didn't need to buy anything so the canal it was. I used to run along the canal path in my LL days and my walk reminded me that it is perfectly feasible to do so again. There is a shower in the office so why not? So, that is the plan. Will she stick to it??? Tune in tomorrow to find out......

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