Saturday, 10 November 2012

The dreaded complacency

 Well, as ever when I have a confession of straying to make I shall try to distract you with some pretty pictures.  Is it working??  These were taken a few weeks ago on a brisk hill walk through the lovely village of Bradwell.  As I recall, I was meant to be going for a run but mistimed the eating and going out so didn't have time for a proper run so forced myself out for a very brisk, very hill walk as penance.  As I recall as well, it didn't stop me dropping weight that week.

I've just set off  here and heading down hill before hitting the big hill on the other side.

We turn off the road at the Hansel & Gretel house....

Up the steep hill with doggies forging ahead.

Cross the road and into the empty field.  The dogs are happy as they can have a good run around.

Lovely views.

Whoops, the field is NOT empty.  I heard some snuffling and these 2 beauties emerged from the undergrowth...gorgeous aren't they?

Minty was perturbed but they were perfectly friendly and seemed happy in the sunshine.

A pretty horse eyes us then decides we don't have any treats for him.

Now, I've hit the top of the hill - more lovely views.

After last week's static showing on the scales, I then had 2 consecutive days of good drops.  I got cocky and excited.  "I'm going to have a really good week this week!".  I started to plan for when I'd hit my stone off and how much I'd weigh at Christmas.  Thought I had it taped.  Blasted chimp saw her chance and came out to play. 

An extra glass of wine here, a muffin there, 2 extra glasses of wine somewhere else.  More carbs and less exercise.  Grrr.  Oh, and I forgot the 2 lots of sticky toffee pudding with cream over the weekend!!  2!!

The drops have been reversed and I'm back to the static level but feeling porkier than that so dreading the ramifications for tomorrow or Monday.  I'm going to be struggling to drop any weight for Monday morning that is for certain.

There is NO reason for this and I have categorically NOT given up on this diet.  I am still doing my cold showers, black coffees and POMs and I'm still committed to dropping weight.

Being committed is the key thing.  I know I want to do this and I know that having a nice time and eating and drinking a little bit too much is NOT what I want, not when it will stop me achieving my aim.  So, I need to change tack and re-commit to the plan, wholeheartedly.  And with my chimp.

By way of encouraging myself in the face of static returns, I took my measurements last weekend so I can see how much I have shrunk.  Objectively, that is.  The first lot of measurements were taken on 19 September and the second on 3 November:

Bust:    42'      40'
Chest:  36'      35'
Waist:  38'      36'
Hips:    46'      43.5'
Thigh   29'      28'
Knee    21.5'   21'
Calf:               17'

Apart from the calf which I forgot to measure first time round, I have shrunk all round.  Not bad!!

So - it's re-focussing and remembering what is important to me from NOW ON IN!!

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