Friday, 2 November 2012

Making hay while Wednesday wins away....

It was a gorgeous day last Saturday and for once a plan came together.  Rich and his Dad (Gordon) were off on an endless coach trip to the Sheffield Wednesday away game at Ipswich.  They left the house at 6am!!  Strangely I declined to join them (I may be mad but not THAT mad!).

That left a full day spare with a good weather forecast to boot. I asked Gordon's wife Carolyn if she'd like to come out for nice long walk with me and the dogs as I knew she was ducking out of a family party.  So that's what we did, a few chores first thing and then played hookey out on the hills and it was lovely.  We did a lot of chatting and bonding and the dogs did too, they can just about tolerate each other now....just about....

Stupidly though, I splashed mud on my camera lens at the very beginning and didn't notice for a while so several of my early photos have had to be cropped and I've lost a few good ones.  Grrr

Below is Minty in the sunshine but I had to chop out Shelagh and Wispa who looked equally winsome.

Carolyn but minus the lovely Stanage Edge behind her....

Here it is...

Meet Wispa.  Such a handsome boy but not very good at working out stiles.  He couldn't master this one despite the fact that Shelagh and Minty "helpfully" showed him the technique several times, Usually WHILE he was trying to do it!

 See, it's easy!!

Shelagh begrudgingly poses for a rare snap.

 Shall we play Minty - I really like you?!

 No. Sod off!

 I like this one of Carolyn and Wispa.

Why don't they like me??

We stopped at a coffe van which parks in the car park below Stanage Edge for a cappuccino (and both valiantly resisted all cakey temptation) but the dogs were mithering away at me so I banished them to a corner.  As you can see, they were NOT impressed!

The beautiful church at Hathersage.

This is in the grounds of Brookfield Manor where we went to that wedding a couple of weeks ago.  You can see the wedding venue in the background. The colours have really come on and it would have been lovely if we could have swapped the weather last Saturday for the dreadful day of the wedding! (Well, not lovely for me and Carolyn but much nicer for the bride and groom and all their guests!)


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Isabelle said...

Right, you asked for a grammar lesson. Hope you meant it!

"I" is the subject of a sentence (the person "doing" the verb) and "me" is the object of the sentence (the person having the verb done to him/her, basically).

So: "I hit John" but "John hit me".

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Or as a commenter said, you can just remove the non-I/me part of the sentence and think, well, I would never say "Me hit Fred" or "Fred saw I" so adding the other bit of the subject or object doesn't change the I/me bit.

If that wasn't clear, do feel free to ask. It's hard cramming it into a comment box!