Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Staying put

I seem to be very "stable" these days. I dutifully step on each morning but the scales barely move day after day. I can't argue with my record of consistent but slow downward movement overall but I must admit that the daily grind is slightly less buoyant when there is little change. I suppose that, on the plus side, I am not experiencing those frustrating hops upwards either but that isn't much of a plus as I still fear them just as much and now, without the steady decreases of the past, do not have any wriggle room to cope with any hops which might appear.

In other words, I am disappointed not to see the scales shift downwards every other day as I used to.

What a spoilt brat.

I've been sticking to the plan fairly well, a little high on the carb counter but not bad at all and some exercise and lots of lovely fresh, home made meals bursting with veggies. It's all good. So why do I feel disappointed? Dunno, just greedy I suppose and needing to have faith that the scales will keep going downwards albeit slowly.

I think I'm in that middling phase where I feel thinner and my clothes are baggier but I haven't dropped quite enough to fit into the next size down. And, at the rate I'm dropping, it will be a few weeks until I can. So, instead, I'm seeking affirmation from the scales. Hence the impatience

As I said, what a spoilt brat.

So, positives?

Well, I've accessed my resistance muscle (a la Beck) and it is surprisingly strong. I seem to have changed quite a few habits for the better which for me is nigh on astonishing! Having taken the train to work a few times over the last 2 weeks, I find that I can avoid cappuccinos and other cakey temptations without difficulty. Snack table treats, milk and sweetener in tea or coffee and indeed most sweet things are a thing of the past. I'm better organised about food, exercise and timings etc and there is less resistance from Chimpetta to doing good things or not doing bad things. She is coming into line.

I will, therefore, mentally slap myself around the chops and get on with getting on, secure that it WILL show on the scales eventually provided I stick to it.

In other news, we're not now having the boozy night out on Friday which I'd planned for as pals can't make it so that removes one element of temptation. This means I only have to concentrate my efforts on ensuring that Saturday is fun but not ruinous. Without Friday night as well, I can be a bit more relaxed on Saturday although this depends to some extent on how kind the scales are to me before Saturday!!

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Seren said...

Not a spoilt brat at all! It is natural to want to see that instant drop on the scales in return for your efforts - especially since, if you are anything like me a "bad" day can lead to a huge spike in poundage number!

You are a star and an inspiration so keep on keeping on and you will dazzle come Christmas.