Friday, 23 November 2012

Under pressure

I've learned over the last few days that, even when I'm feeling strong and in control, pressure and external factors can lead to straying.  And it comes out of the blue.

Yesterday was a manic day at work.  one of those days when you do not have time to go to the loo and emails are arriving at the speed of light.  The deal was going pretty badly from the Council's perspective and there's not much we could do about it.

Food wise it started well.  With nothing for breakfast until I grabbed my soup at 12.30.  So far, so good.

Then all afternoon sticking to green teas and water.  Working like mad and eventually leaving at 5 expecting to have to do an evening shift at home.  When I got home, I quickly whizzed up a reasonably good egg fried rice with loads of veggies and some chicken. 

But then, the stress and fatigue of concentrating really hard for a couple of days, just kicked in.  I had a small bowl of crunchy nuts cornflakes (serious carbs).  Why??  I haven't touched cereals for weeks, months! Then, at darts and dominoes I had 2 glasses of red wine and some of the freebie supper which was also badly carbtastic - half a slice of cheese and onion pie, a few chips and a sausage.

So, written down like that, it doesn't sound TOO bad but it has had an effect on the scales this morning and it was the fact that I was really craving the carbs that made it FEEL bad. 

Not only that but the work has made it impossible to do any exercise over the last few days.  I should have been golfing onWednesday but that was cancelled, then was too busy to go for a run in the afternoond despite the fact that I should have been on leave.  I took my kit into work hoping to go for a run yesterday but there was just no time so nothing yesterday either.

I did, however, manage to go for a snatched run this morning while waiting for some fresh amendments to arrive so all is not lost!

I suppose I must accept that sometimes real life takes over but I'm annoyed that it might jeopardise a drop this week, especially given our big night out at the Golf Club Dinner on Saturday night.  I will just have to do my best to mitigate the downside. 

Thinking about it, I suspect that getting too hungry during the day meant I was vulnerable to over-eating when I got home, tired and stressy.  Plan ahead!!


Peridot said...

I find work stress an absolutely HUGE trigger. Hang in there.


Isabelle said...

Poor you. Never mind, though. Onward and downward.