Tuesday, 13 November 2012


 So, I finally made it out for a run at lunchtime from work (more below) so the pictures are ones I took of my running route a week or so ago.

We start at the office in the middle of town which is next to the new Rotherham United Football Stadium.  And a derelict listed factory building.  It used to a brass foundry called Guest & Chrimes and now is probably going to be demolished (listed or not) as not economically viable.  A shame I think.

The back view of the football stadium (the front is better!).

A cantilevered section of footpath over the canal.

 Ickles Lock.  Despite the fact that this stretch of the canal is in the middle of a hugely industrial zone with a massive scrap yard on one side, railways tracks, gas pipes, cranes, steel works (yes, there are some left!), it is still strangely attractive.  You get used to the smells and constant sound of machinery and vehicles.

And canal barges are always scenic.  Some were occupied, others more commercial.  Some had planted gardens in the canal bank next to their boats.

There is a LOT of litter, mostly beer cans and crisp packets.  I didn't even know Skol lager still existed!!

Then, at the end of the day I walked back to the station to catch the train home.  The station has just been renovated and my team carried out the Council's part of the programme.  I think it looks pretty good!

As I crept round the bedroom at 5.45am trying (unsuccessfully) to be silent so as not to disturb Richard, I suddenly remembered my bloggy pledge that I would go running either today or tomorrow. In order to do this I would have to retrieve running gear from round the house. Hmmm... I must admit that my chimp almost managed to talk me out of it on the basis that we were short of time and it would be noisy but I made her do it. I threw together almost everything I would need to go running and headed for work.

I won't go into the traumas of my journey to Rotherham by train....well, actually I WILL! I had to suffer it so why shouldn't you too?? I think that, if you manage the heroic feat of making the 6.35am train, you should be rewarded by a stress free and timely journey. Obviously, if you can't be bothered to get up until the 8.03 then you deserve to be packed in like a sardine and be late.... But the 6.35....that should be sacred.

As I was driving to Bamford to catch the train the thought fleetingly occured to me that it has been very reliable recently and perhaps I shouldn't push my luck. I was, after all, already in the car and could easily just keep driving. The traffic would be light and I'd be in Rotherham at my desk by 7.20. Did I listen to this little voice?? Of course not. I reminded myself how nice it is sitting and reading and sipping on my black coffee, that it's cheaper and more environmentally sound to take the train.

Then there were faulty signals on the way into Sheffield (no doubt caused by scumbags stealling cables) and we sat, and we sat, and we sat. I missed not one but 2 connections. Ran like crazy for the third and just caught it only to sit, and sit, and sit.... I eventually made it to my desk by 8.20, 2 hours after I'd set off. Most annoying. Next time I will listen to the little voice....and no doubt run into a traffic snarl up.....

Anyway, back to the good stuff. I now have my running kit with me at work. But, I had a series of meetings so it was doubtful whether I could go. Running is still teetering on the brink.

I had an early breakfast (post Muffingate I investigated my breakfast options and sadly the cafe does not do eggs so it was a bacon sandwich, will have to keep looking for a low carb breakfast...). Then into meetings. Then, miraculously, I was free at 12. I dived off down to find the mythical downstairs showers to change and, when I emerged from my cubicle, found 3 other women all just about to set off on a lunchtime run. It seems that I had hit upon a lunchtime running group. They were very friendly although I didn't know them at all so I joined up with them and we went out for a steady 35 minutes jog along the canal. They ran at a good pace for me, 1 was slightly faster than I normally go but there was a back marker for when I got tired!

So, hopefully I now have a regular running gig.

Trouble is, when I got back from my shower, by this time absolutely starving, I was dragged into an unexpected meeting before I could eat so didn't get to my delicious homemade leek and potato soup until 2.30!! I could eaten my arm by then but thought it might appear a little unprofessional!

All in all, not a bad day. I have a nice quiet evening planned in front of fire and telly and I can't wait. As for food, I MAY wrestle with the pheasant in the fridge. I was, in a flash of deranged optimism, planning on de-boning and stuffing it, which may well not happen...watch this space. If I don't post for a while, I may have given it a go and sliced off some of the more useful fingers....

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