Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 20 January 2012

What a difference a day makes...

 It is an absolutely grotty day today.  Grey, cold, constant drizzly rain - not one redeeming feature.  In fact, it is so grotty that I was genuinely happy to be going to personal training this lunchtime as it meant I did not have to wrestle (probably unsucessfully) with my chimp to force us to go for a run!

So I thought I'd cheer myself up by having a look at some photos I took on Monday when I went for a run at lunchtime.  Care to join me for another jog??

As you can see the weather was quite a bit better!  It was one of those stunning but frozen days.  The temperature never went above freezing and the ground, even in the full sunshine, remained frosted all day.  (Great to run on as no slip-sliding in the mud.) 

You have seen pictures of this route before but that was on a grey, wet sort of day - it looks totally different with the pale blue sky and bright sunshine lighting the way.  Below is the beginning of the big Hazelbadge field at the end of our road.

Looking left towards Bradwell Edge and Abney

Looking back (with amateurish shadow in view) towards Win Hill.  We have already climbed a fair way by now so stopping to take a photo makes a pleasant break to pant!

After the big field we have to cross a road and head up this walled path.  It is shaded so dark and totally frozen over.  Crammed full of birdlife though.

My camera too a photo of me!  I had no idea until I uploaded the pics but I quite like it  (apart from the double chin).  At least I look happy to be out running.  Note silly headband to keep ears from falling off in the cold and floppy hair flying everywhere.  My hair is too short to tie back but too long to leave free - most irritating.

Minty disdainfully sniffs at stuff while waiting for me to to catch her up.

But, every now and then, my slow but steady pace fools them and they have to run to catch me up - Go Me!!

 At the end of that path, we emerge into the glorious sunshine again to a view of another dale (which we're not going down, or up).  We turn right along the lane back toward the other half of the village.  More hills.

I love the effect of looking back into the sunshine, and I love to see Minty's ears flapping when she runs!!

Looking right towards the Edge over a frozen water hole.

And left across the fields...

Heavily mossed long have they been there??

As I had stopped a few times for photograph-taking purposes, I decided to make myself run a bit further as penance. So I turned left up this lane to add a small extra loop (and a big extra hill!).

 Which then meant I was running DOWN this hill.  Which was pretty slippery.  I was, for once, pleased that the local farmers deposit great hanks of mud all over the roads as it gave a bit of grip on the road edges.

How's that for a view from this famhouse though??  I know farming is a hard slog and not always well rewarded financially but that view would make up for a fair bit!

Now we're right down at the bottom of the hill, next to the brook running through the middle of village.  It looked as though the brook was steaming but it was really just the vapour rising from the fast flow of water.

Across the brook is the newly refurbished childrens' playground (I didn't do this one - that was Bamford!) and, behind that, the church and the pub, just as it should be!!

All summer the brook was almost dry.  The Bradda Dads had to run water down it with firemens' hoses to be able to stage the Carnival Duck race!  Rumour has it that it was due to cavers diverting a stream but it could have just been choked with weeds.  Anyway, come winter and more rainfall it is back flowing strongly.  The Community Service boys (and girls for all I know) were in a few weeks ago clearing it of weeds and rubbish - so now it is pristine too!  I bet that was cold - I hope it teaches them not to go mugging old ladies or breaking into peoples' houses any more!

Hope you enjoyed our run - I'll try and find a new route for next time!  And - don't go using our run as an excuse for chocolate!!


beth said...

Ha, I'm still laughing at the last line -- not that I need a run as an excuse for chocolate. We're scheduled for "winter mix" tomorrow, which sounds like it ought to be some sort of fabulous drink (cake? savory snack-type mix?), but in fact just makes running outside a slip-slidey freezing madness. Gym for me, I hope... xx

Peridot said...

Ha - that would be funny: you run, I eat chocolate. If only that worked...