Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bad timing

It was windy but fine first thing this morning.  It is sunny and clear, although still windy now.  But, for the 50 minutes when I was out running between then and now, it was foul!  Not that cold but raining hard and a swirling,howling gale and very muddy underfoot.  What an idiot I am.

But I had pledged to go for a run this morning last night, having got my usual Saturday shop out of the way yesterday lunchtime, so for a run I went!  Richard just texted me that I was mental and I believe him!

I had to shower both me and Minty afterwards as somewhere along our route, unseen by me, she rolled in something gross.  I couldn't identify exactly where the grossness was situated so had to soak and doggie shampoo every inch of her.  Even I felt sorry for her she looked so miserable!  Still, she is fragrant and fluffy now so all is worth it.

Dietwise, I don't seem to be doing very well - I'm not losing but not gaining either.  Don't know whether it is time of the month isues or whether I'm still eating too much.  Will stick to my guns for now, try and tighten up where I can and see how it goes on Tuesday.

We're going to the football this afternoon - Hartlepool at home.  I hope we can bounce back from our defeat against Charlton last Saturday.  We should do but it's getting nervy now!

After the footie we're going over to Glossop to have dinner with my pal Jenny and her partner Joff.  Rich has met Jen a few times but not Joff so I hope that goes well.

And I think, weather permitting, we're heading out for a good hike tomorrow.  So, with any luck I'll shift a couple of lbs!  Have a great weekend everyone.

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Isabelle said...

Well, you certainly deserve to!