Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Take a Christmas Eve walk with us

 It was a chilly Christmas Eve.  I had done most of my chores and Rich was nursing a serious hangover from his lad's afternoon out in Sheffield on "Mad Friday".  I had booked the afternoon for a walk ages ago.  I suggested Bradwell Edge.  My suggestion did not go down too well.  So, off we set and, to my surprise, when we got to the turn off for the Edge, we took it!

Here is Shelagh, partway up looking over our little enclave in the village.

A little further...views not great....LOTS of mud underfoot.

Poor Richard....that hill is not easy for hungover chaps...

 But the views start to look good soon.  The big "Blot on the Landscape" is the Castleton Cement Works a large and valued local employer but not the prettiest addition to the Hope Valley.

If you just shift the camera a couple of inches to the left though - the lovely village of Bradwell nestles in the folds of its valley unhindered by nasty cement works!

 An unflattering photo of me with the dogs who appear to be engaged in unfriendly doggie politics

 At the top the view towards Shatton and Bamford

Rich looking a little happier now we're on the downward stretch.

It's a steep hill...look, proof!

The sun appeared just briefly on the way down.  This is the view towards Win Hill (on the right) and Lose Hill (on the left).

Aaaah, my lovely Richard with Win Hill in the background (and Minty snuffling around somewhere in the undergrowth).

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Sarah said...

Ow, I love the Peaks. Don't get out enough. That's the thing about going for a walk, getting out can be hard but once you're there, it's great. Blowing away the cobwebs and all that!

Sarah x