Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Softly softly, catchee monkey

I'm ALMOST there on this dieting and exercise business.  I went to WI last night (and stayed to class - go me!).  I thought I had lost a little more weight than that but the scales only permitted a miserly half lb.  Hey ho, as I said to a few people who were grumpy about half a lb last week, half a lb is a drop and means that one is heading in the right direction.  If you were to lose half a lb every week you would be nearly 2 stone lighter by the end of the year (which is what I'm aiming for really!!).

I estimate that I was about 2 thirds "good" last week.  My meals were MUCH better and within SW; I'd cut back on a lot of snacks and treats and cut back on a fair bit of booze too; I'd upped my exercise quotient and managed a few runs.  However, there was too little planning which for me inevitably results in too much bread; and too much booze, still.  And not enough counting of syns.

So this week I'm going to keeping going on the exercise; cut back on the unacknowledged syns and the bread; and cut back more on the booze. 

My first test comes today, Wednesday, the day after my weigh-in last night.  I should be going for a run this lunchtime but it is grey, drizzley and cold and I'm not in the mood.  And I forgot to cancel the dogwalker so he is due any minute so I don't even need to take the dogs out.  And my long length warm running tights are not dry yet.  Ooooh, my chimp is going haywire with the excuses!

So, what I decided to do about this dilemma is the following:

I'm not going to force myself to go for a run that I don't fancy.  What's the point?  But I'm also not going to do nothing.  I need an alternative to running anyway.  So I'm going to go round to my old house and pick up my mini trampette thingy.  I'm going to dig out my card of home exercises provided by the lovely (sadistic) Huw aeons ago and I'm going to do a home workout.  Once this has been done, I will have NO excuse in future to not do even a 20-30 minute workout.

This option also has the benefit of allowing me to fit in a couple of shopping type chores which I won't be able to do this evening as we're going to the theatre with Rich's mum for her birthday. We're going to see The King and I at the Lyceum in Sheffield. I have put the makings of a stew into the slow cooker so we can eat before we go so it's all coming together. I do like this working from home business!

And finally - I always like a photo or 2 in a post so here are portraits of my solemn and somewhat unwilling pets!! 

Eye contact is very important to a cocker spaniel - as you can see here!!


Seren said...

A half pound loss is perfectly respectable. As you say, two stone in a year is not to be sneezed at.

Enjoy your home workout - I love the idea of bouncing around on a trampette!


Peridot said...

It's a filthy day here - I would definitely not leave the house unless compelled to do so.