Monday, 16 January 2012

A Sunday walk (and camera frustrations....)

We went for a lovely walk on Sunday. We had planned to go although didn't get out of bed quite as early as planned so were a bit late setting off. But, that apart, we still managed a really good hike.

We started at a layby on the A57 called Cutthroat Bridge! Good start eh? Then headed up onto the moor first crossing a small stream. The sound of the traffic was pretty loud to start but, as we gained height, it gradually receded.

Once we hit the moor proper, the path deteriorated into what look like a peaty quagmire. Luckily, it was frozen sold so we weren't slipping a sliding around. This was, to be honest, one of the reasons I chose this route as I knew it would be a good time to do it! Aren't I clever....tee hee....

Below is the view looking backwards toward the A57.  It is the reverse of my favourite part of my drive home.   I always love coming over the hill and being able to see Derwent Moor and Win Hill in the distance before me and all the colours of the moor - the heathers, bracken and woods.

The first view of Win Hill's distinctive peak to the right behind Rich.

Gorgeous misty blue views.  I bemoaned the lack of my big camera as it might have picked out the weak, milky rays of sunlight flickering through the cloud which you can't see in this shot.

These pics are somewhat frustrating as the conditions were not brilliant; overcast and not bright.  You could see that it was brighter in the distance so we were hopeful of some sunshine later though...

Below is a view over to Bamford Edge and Bamford Moor.

At the end of this section you reach Derwent Edge and can peak over into Derwent valley.  Below is the top section of the Ladybower reservoir.  Lazy Shelagh heads down the hill of course although that is NOT wherre we were going...

So she had to race back up the hill to catch up with us!

We headed out along Derwent Edge and could see the sunshine creeping closer to us from behind.

The Edge stretches out in front of us.

The girls take in the view.  Shelagh HATES having her photo taken.  She has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when I'm about to press the shutter and turns away a split second beforehand.  So then I have to make her pose for me which she hates, as you can see from her expression.  Minty, on the other hand, is quite relaxed, just taking in the air.

Due to time constraints we turned off the Edge itself and followed a path running below it.  Above us loomed the rocks of Winstanlea Tor

Then we had a choice:  Derwent of course - Moscar is MILES away!

 Me looking tubby - although some of that could have been the sheer number of layers I was wearing in the freezing temperatures!

 Finally the sun came out to play for a brief moment!  Doesn't everything look lovely in the sunshine?

We're heading downhill now, towards the reservoirs.

Eventually you descend below the heather line and into meadows.  This paths seems ancient, carved deeply into the land like a stream.  It's on National Trust land so well cared for and yesterday was littered with various volunteers chopping down saplings and doing various useful jobs. 

We came across a little barn - all set up with a bench and leaflet dispenser - for sheltering or taking one's lunch in I presume.  Then I spotted these little ceramic tiles set into the stone - how pretty.

Hey - they're drawn by the pupils of Bamford Primary school.  Cool.

I couldn't take pictures of them all so just chose a couple but I really liked them.  Anything which encourages kids to think about nature and enjoy it is a good thing in my book.

 Rich and Shelagh in the barn.  She had just turned her back on me once which is why Rich is grinning at me!!  Even here she managed to turn her head at the last minute!

Here we are at lakeside.  I liked the way the milky sunshine was hitting the water looking more like moonlight than sunshine.

And then comes the "frustrating" part of the walk.  It's a new camera and I didn't notice the "re-charge battery" warning light.  It died on me.  Grrr.    ((Although, on the upside, it has spared you from another 10 or so pics to wade through and probably kept this blog post to a manageable length...)

I was really enjoying taking lots of pics because it makes you look with a keener eye than if you're just walking along.  It makes you notice the different landscapes and colours and little signs and pictures.

Even more annoyingly, about 10 minutes later, the sun came out properly and we were bathed in gorgeous setting sunshine.  You know, the sort of golden light you get as the sun gets lower on the horizon and reflects on the bracken and rocks,  and it stayed with us for the rest of our walk back to the car.

Anyway, photos or not, it was heavenly.  3 hours out in the fresh air, a few hills to climb for exercise, some chat, some nature, gorgeous views.  Bliss. 

I wasn't sure whether Rich enjoyed it as much as me as he's not such a chatterbox as me and I don't like to constantly badger him with "are you having a good time??" type enquiries.  He seemed happy but you never know really...  But last night, when talking about next weekend, he said - I'd like to go for another proper walk on Sunday - so I assume he did.   So I'll have some fun this week planning a route, making sure my camera is charged and hoping that the weather is halfway decent!  I have seen some reports that snow is on its way but not sure if it is heading for the Peaks yet.  


Claire said...

Love the dogs on the rock pic. Start thinking of good walking routes for us that you'd be able to push a triple buggy along. I'm really missing getting out there. x

Peridot said...

Oooh, you're so lucky to live right smack bang in the middle of such glorious countryside. Although I remember some EVIL hills.