Monday, 23 January 2012

No movement but lots of walking.....

We went for a walk on Sunday afternoon. The weather forecast confidently asserted that it would be sunny and the winds would drop by midday but, I'm sorry to report, this was not the case. It was really windy and raining as we arrived so we adjusted our route from 5.5 miles to 4 miles and I'm quite pleased we did - 4 was just enough! Especially as I had not realised that our route would include a 2 massive hills! I thought it would involve going down the hill into the valley and then walking out and back in a big loop. I didn't realise that the "back" was right back along the top of the top of hill before heading down to the bottom and then back up again!

Anyway, we start at Monsal Head with a nice steady downhill through the woods.

To the River Wye, flowing as fast as I've ever seen it, on the valley floor.

The lovely waterfall.  My map seemed to show us crossing the river at this weir/waterfall so I was pleased to see a little bridge just round the corner!

Everything was mossy and green.  Even though the trees are bare there was still plenty to look at and admire.

Even if its just the first rays of sunshine peeking over the hilltop.

Here we're halfway up the unexpected hill - it  was long and steep - and unexpected....

It didn't seem to faze Minty though - sticks were collected and disposed of the whole way up the hill but this one was the prize....far too big for her!

It was perfect timing - we just hit the top and an oldish woman walking on her own strode up behind us at a formidable pace.  I dared to ask her to break stride to take a photo of us together which she agreed to do "as long as it's idiot-proof!".  She did a pretty good job eh?  Most impromptu photographers tend to leave us hidden in a tiny corner, chop off feet or with our faces shaded.

I took this one - the oldish lady was long gone making us feel very unfit!

I'm glad we did have to climb the unexpected hill - the views werantastic and the wind was, erm, bracing.

Walking on a track running along the edge of the river valley - stunning - felt like we were on top of the world as it was so open and clear.

The boys on their noisy offroad bikes also enjoy the scenery - these ones were quite polite and thanked us for interrupting our walk to gather up the dogs to allow them to pass safely.  Many don't though which irritates me!

And back to the valley bottom, again. (A different bridge though.)

What comes down must go we are back at the top, nearly at the car.  What a view!

It was a lovely weekend as usual.  Football on Saturday (disappointing result  of a draw against Hartlepool).  A great dinner with my old schoolfriend Jenny and her partner Joff.  It was really nice and relaxed - Rich and Joff seemed to get on well and we had a good night.  To be repeated.  Nice to be able to socialise with both Jen and her OH.

I was pretty good foodwise as I chose to drive on Saturday night so healthy food (Jen always good that way) and only one glass of wine.

But the scales are not cooperating - there has been NO movement all week, either up or down!  So, hopefully I can sneak half a lb off tomorrow night - fingers crossed!


Seren said...

I always love your photo posts - you have such a good eye for a picture, they are always stunning!

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a loss tomorrow. So frustrating when the scales refuse to cooperate, but I am sure that eventually they will catch up with you.


Peridot said...

Gorgeous pics - and climbing a big hill TWICE should (morally at least) reward you with a loss on SoD.