Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aaaaargh! Treading water.

A few sunny pics of the dogs in the big field at the end of our road. I love this field - it's massive and full of interesting nooks and crannies.
I was surprised to find this sort of moat on top of a hillock right at the top of the field. I wonder if it is some sort of ancient dwelling/fort or summat. Must look into it.
Shelagh sticking to her grumpy guns.
Another view of the immortal Win Hill
As I suspected, I didn't lose any weight last week; I had a stay the same. So, in one way, I'm pleased with that as I REALLY didn't want to have a gain. A STS is manageable, just. Buut, I felt as though I did enough last week to lose some weight so was a little unhappy.

Hopefully though, as long as I keep faith with what I'm doing, keep tightening up my diet and exercise, the loss will catch up with me soon. Like Seren from WW Foodie this week, having a good loss after a couple of weeks of poor losses. She kept the faith and has been rewarded. I can do the same.

In other news, I've been experiencing a strong burst of spring-cleaning fever! I have at long last ventured down to the huge basement and liberated several assorted bags and boxes, sifted through the contents and either put away or arranged for their disposal. Most satisfying.

The huge basement is both a blessing and a curse. When we moved into this house last spring, Richard had to move out of the flat he had been living in for the last 10 years. It was small but FULL. Because he'd effectively moved out 6 months earlier, his motivation to clear and pack in an orderly fashion was looow. So, although he did chuck out a huge amount of stuff, we also ended up, through inertia and lack of time, bringing far too much to this house. We chucked it all in the basement the week before we moved in properly and there most of it has stayed.

The trouble is, I already had lots of furniture and household stuff from my house and the cottage we rented so we didn't actually need most of his (not as nice) things. I have had a few half-hearted attempts at tackling the basement and unpacked a few boxes of kitchen gear and books but that is it.

But finally, with thought of spring on the distant horizon, I seem to have found the energy required to tackle the bags and boxes with sustained vigour. This mostly involves dragging tatty carrier bags or damp boxes upstairs, sifting through the tat inside and consigning most of it to the recycling/bin. It has, however, yielded a few decents finds. Quantities of useful household stuff - kitchen cleaning products, bathroom stuff, a pair of slippers, spare duvet covers and sheets, towels, tea towels, christmas cards, wrapping paper, birthday cards - all handy stuff.

The frustration comes from the realisation that last April when I was skint I went out and bought 2 sets of bedroom curtains which I didn't need. I found today 2 quite pleasant sets of curtains which with a wash and iron would have been perfect and would have saved me hard cash. Grrr...

There is still much to be done but a good start has been made. Hopefully this home spring-cleaning will lead to gardening when the weather can but dream!


Peridot said...

Brrrr, it's really not Spring yet!

Love the grumpy Shelagh photo!

And you're right - keep the faith and fingers crossed for next week.


Val said...

Ah Lesley, I can so identify with the boxes in the basement! In my case, the boxes have been unpacked after the move, but everything has been squashed into overflowing cupboards and the garage is a disgrace And as for being able to decide where to hang our dozens of pictures, forget it. The gorgeous weather and the call of the beach don't make chores any easier!

Seren said...

I've been humming Bon Jovi like mad for you!