Sunday, 2 October 2011

Great weekend but still feel grotty

More sunny beach pics from Bamburgh beach . I loved the wide open space, the flat sands, the beautiful views of the Farne Islands out to sea. And the dogs loved it all even more!
We watched Bamburgh Castle get closer as we walked. Ever the tempation to take yet another picture of it despite knowing that I would end up with a camera full of it.

There's the Farne Islands....complete with blinking lighthouses.

The amazing flying Minty!
And a smily Shelagh for a change.

We went to Hartlepool on Saturday to see the footie. We went on a coach trip with the pub we drink in before home games. So we met early at that pub for beer and bacon and egg sarnies then straight up the motorway to North Yorkshire enroute to Teeside. In a departure from the standard pub footie trip they had chosen a really nice country pub in a pretty Yorkshire village called Swainby. A gorgeous beer garden with apple trees and a five a side pitch for the boys to run off their excess energy.
So, was I sucessful in my attempt to at least limit the damage?? Partially. I had a sparkling water with breakfast so that's 2 pints saved. I did have beer and a Crabbies at the pub and a cheeseburger and chips for that matter but I had another lot of water when we got back to the pub after the game. And when we got home, I cooked a healthy supper rather than giving in to the lure of pizza or takeaway. So, as I said, partial success.
The game was great. It didn't look good - Hartlepool have been unbeaten all season and we have had very shakey away form apart from the last couple of games. But strangely, I felt quite confident. I thought that Wednesday might have turned the corner and that we might be about to start winning.
So, shall I put you out of your misery?? We only went and WON!! Only 1-nil and we were on the back foot for the whole of the second half but who cares? We got a solid 3 poitns away from home and had a really good time.
I still felt pretty weak at times throughout the day though so wasn't on top form . I wish this cold would just bugger off now - it's lingering on and on very annoyingly.
Anyway, today I felt much better. The ache in my back and shoulders had gone and I wasn't sniffing and sneezing. So I skipped off to golf feeling great. Looking forward to the last hot day of summer. I was playing in a Medal and for once, played really quite well. Not a brilliant score but under par. It was perfect golf - glorious weather, pleasant company, fast golf with no hanging around and waiting for the people in front, good score, played with the same ball the whole way round. Believe me, this is NOT usual!
But then, after the golf, when we'd taken the dogs for a nice walk and cooked roast chicken for supper, the blasted cold came back. So I'm back to snuffling and coughing and sneezing and feeling tired out AGAIN! Grrrr, whinge, moan, grumble......;

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Isabelle said...

Great photos - we were there last year. It's beautiful.

And it's lovely to see you looking so happy, with a man who obviously adores you.