Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another run?!

Yes I know, hard to believe that I might make it out twice in one weekend but 'tis true! We got back from my sister's this afternooon and I spent a very frustrating hour on the phone and facebook trying to sort out a quiz team, unsucessfully as it happens. Eventually I realised that, with the hour having gone back, I needed to take the dogs out before it got dark. I suggested a walk to Rich but he was tired from his drive and chilly and didn't fancy it. So HIS laziness prompted ME into going for a run instead!!

So, out we (me and the dogs) went: the light was fading and it was cold but we managed a good 40 minutes round the fields and golf course and it was good....well, sort of. My stomach felt like a lead weight from the beans on toast not long before but I just about managed it!!

We had a nice weekend down south at my sister's. We went out for a lovely meal on the Friday night - moules mariniere followed by belly pork washed down by red wine (hmmmm not sure how SW would calculate THAT!) Then over to Wycombe for the football on Saturday which was a laugh. A nervy 2-1 win to the mighty Owls and another 3 points in the bag keeping us third in the table. Then back to my sister's for a lovely home cooked meal and relaxed chat with my sister, her third daughter and her husband. Yay!!

So, back to this afternoon and the frustrating non-quiz. I got various messages this morning that our team captain had been knocked down by a bus and airlifted to hospital. He's alright, if you count 10 broken ribs and a busted pelvis and shoulder blade as "alright", which I don't! Poor bloke. I tried and tried but couldn't get a confirmed team so reluctantly rang the other team to cancel at 5.30pm....just 5 minutes before a couple I'd been leaving messages for all day rang and said they could make it!! By then it was too late to un-cancel as the other captain's phone was engaged obviously ringing round his team to cancel. Aaargh!! How annoying. If I'd just waited 'til 6pm all would have been well.

Ach - a nice quiet night in instead. And no temptation in the form of beer and sandwiches to derail me so, looking on the bright side, not too bad!

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Peridot said...

Running is akin to saintliness in my book. And maschochism of course!