Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kick up the backside!!

It's what I need! I have been getting complacent and my weight is stagnating around the same level and, after this morning's step on the sclaes looks like it's going to to go up! I can understand why but I need to put a stop to it before my SW efforts are derailed.

Shall I start with the excuses? Yes, why not. It is helpful to understand how you get derailed after all.

I expected not to lose while on holiday and that happened, albeit I did better than expected with a small loss. Then when I returned from holiday I was felled by a nasty cold. Once again, I expected not to lose much that week as I had had to cut back on exercise and felt so grotty. But, I was pleased by the small loss that week too. So why, when I felt so much better, this last week have I not pushed on an really gone for it??

Partly because I've been so busy catching up with my work after holiday and illness. Partly because I wasn't 100% better straight away. Partly because I've been busy socially. And partly because I've been slack and let bad habits creep back in!! And one of the most important factors in the complacency has been the fact that I have not stayed to SW class for the last 2 weeks. I have just nipped in, been weighed, "got away with it" and driven home thinking "well, that's alright then - I can do this without making an effort after all!".

So now I have to put the brakes on and alter my course to make sure that my good work is not lost.

To this end I was adamant that I was going to go for a decent run on Sunday. But even with that determination I didn't get up and go straight away. Rich was golfing so it would have been ideal. Instead I mooched around the house, reading, watching more episodes of The House of Elliot, doing chores and paperwork and generally waiting for an excuse NOT to run to occur to me. By lunchtime though, I realised what was happening and decided to go out immediately. I lived to regret my delay as the morning had been fine and mild but my leaving the house heralded an immediate deterioration in the weather.

First it started to drizzle but I carried on running as it was still mild. Then after 15 minutes the rain became heavier. I could have changed my route then and headed back to the village. "Nah, it'll be alright..." I said and carried on with the longer, hillier, field-based route I'd originally planned. It was at that point (of no return) that the rain REALLY started to come down.

Because I'd been so quick to go out (fearing that my chimp would somehow change my mind!), I had not dug out my running waterproof from the basement. So I was only wearing a t-shirt and leggings. By the time I ran back into the village, I was soaked through and concerned that the t-shirt was exposing more than it covered (it was white!). What could I do? Nothing - so I slopped through the village, cold and knackered; the dogs hanging back sulkily causing me to have to tug on their leads from time to time. And then a lorry swept through the narrowest part of the village far too fast, hit a puddle and drenched me from head to toe (and the dogs). I was by then so wet it didn't make much difference but if I had been reasonably dry I would have been incandescent with rage!!

Actually it was quite funny by that stage....when you hit the point that you can't get any wetter the only option is to laugh! I took some pics to record it and I hope I have learned a lesson - which is NOT to procrastinate and to go for my run as soon as possible if it is fine - seize the day and all that!

So that left the rest of Sunday as a bit of waste. I had a bubbly bath to warm through and waited for Rich to come home from golf. I was miffed that he was so late as by the time he DID get in there was nothing really to be done with the rest of the day. Grrr. Weekends are so precious, I hate wasting days like that. But, I suppose, what could we have done? It was chucking it down. Harrumph. With hindsight, I should have gone out for my run, arranged to meet my pal for lunch or a coffee and then come home and done paperwork in the afternoon and not cared that Rich stayed out. I will remember that feeling and hopefully I won't do it again for a long time!

All ended well though as I was out for the first pub quiz league match of the new season Sunday evening! A trip to Bakewell. We lost narrowly but scored well and won the all-important beer round and the pub and other team were fun. It was nice to be back with my quiz team muckers again after the summer off. Diet-wise, I need to be a bit careful. I used to drive every week so only had one drink if that and resisted the sandwiches and chips. Sunday night, my frustrating day as well as the pleasure of being with my friend again led to me drinking 3 glasses of wine (I wasn't driving!) and tucking into sandwiches and chips. Hmmmmm, this had better stop!

I continued with the good work today by going to Pump class yesterday lunchtime and dancing in the evening. Pump was a major sacrifice as it was chucking it down at lunchtime so just getting to the leisure centre was an achievement! God that class is hard! Dancing is always a pleasure though.

So - hopefully I have stopped the rot despite maybe having to endure a gain (for NO good reason!!) and I'll stay to class this evening to reinforce that. I just want to drop a few more lbs before the Christmas party season, say 5-7!! That can't be too hard surely??

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Seren said...

If I were half as good at healthy living as I was at procrastination then I would be a size 8 by now (sigh).

Well done for getting out there - it's always hard after a few weeks out of rouine but the worst is over now and half a stone for Christmas sounds eminently doable.