Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Human again!

I typed this post up yesterday but didn't get round to posting it so it's a little out of date now!! But here goes....

I know I’ve been a bit of a bore whinging on and on about having a cold but I really hate them! I’m usually quite active and get out and about al the time so I hate having to miss things and take it easy. Missing dancing because I felt poorly last night was just sooo annoying.

But that said, it was definitely the right thing to do and I felt better before the night was over. I cooked up a chilli stuffed full of veggies as per SW’s strictures which was JUST what I fancied and then we cuddled up on the sofa with the dogs watching nice things on the telly – Downton Abbey, Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

I had my first decent night’s sleep in a week, no snuffling, no coughing – bliss. And I duly woke up this morning feeling like a different person. It is just sooo nice to be sitting here at my desk (it’s lunchtime) without an aching back, fuzzy, clogged up head and sore throat. I don’t think I appreciate what a boon it is to be a generally healthy person and I should count my blessings on that front more often.

That’s probably wrong, really. I often do count my blessings. Even recently, when we were on holiday on Holy Island, among the hundred of tourists walking into the village from the car park there was a woman struggling slowly along on sticks with badly damaged legs. Rich and I remarked admiringly how strong-willed she must be to still be out and about DOING something despite the pain and discomfort it must be costing her to walk even that short distance. We went on to muse on how lucky we are to be able to stride along beaches and golf courses and take our legs for granted.

So, what I’ve waffled on about for 4 paragraphs seems to be this – I do appreciate my health and I’m glad it’s back!

And just in time as it’s WEIGH-IN tonight! I’ve been stepping on and off the scales all week for some reason and they have not been showing scary readings exactly but there’s not been much downward progress either. There was one wonderful morning when it appeared that I’d lost about 3lbs but I discounted that at the time as a blip caused by dehydration and I was right. I’m hopeful for a STS or small loss this evening and that will be fine given the cold and excesses of Saturday in Hartlepool.

I feel that if I can “get away with it” this week, I can start next week with a resolute mind for a decent drop. I’m actually looking forward to getting my food organised back to better SW meals and to going back to the gym, training, Zumba and my weekend run.

Given that I’ve had 3 weeks now of very little movement though, I’ve had to check that my chimp (Remember her? The sneaky one) is not lulling me into thinking that all is well when in fact I’ve been derailed. But I don’t think so. A small loss after a holiday counts as good and a STS when you’ve been ill is also not too bad. As long as I DO get straight back to it this coming week, I think Chimpetta remains under control.

What else is going on Chez Lesley’n’Rich??

Well, Rich is in his Captain’s Final this evening at the golf club. It’s the annual singles knockout competition in which he has, for the very first time, made it through to the final. He’s very excited and I REALLY hope he wins. Hopefully he’ll still be at the club after his game when I come home from WI so I can join him for a celebratory drink.

His club is much smaller than mine so doesn’t make a fuss about the Knockout comps; they just arrange a time between themselves and go out and play like all the earlier rounds. At our place, all the finals – Mens’, Ladies’, Juniors, Seniors, Pairs, Mixed etc - are all played on one designated day and the Captains and other members walk round with the matches as supporters etc. I’ve never been in a knockout final but I suspect I’d prefer HIS club as playing in front of spectators sounds terrifying!

My brother and his family have moved over to UK from Canada and have rented a lovely house not far from my parent’s. Dad sounds very happy to have seen quite a bit of them. They are, however, disappearing for a few weeks shortly so Rich and I are going over for a visit next weekend. It seems, then, that family life is settling down nicely after all the upheavals. We still have the perennial issue of where we going to be spending Christmas – sigh – is this such a huge issue for everyone else??

Last year was a very quiet Christmas at Mum and Dad’s which felt a little awkward and sad, especially as we’d really rather have spent the whole day quietly together last year. This year, my brother’s family will be there (not my brother who will be on an oilrig in Kurdistan!) and so will my sister’s family and all the boyfriends too – 15 without me and Rich. We are invited but have also been invited to go to his brother’s with his Mum and sister. Decisions, decisions. While it would be nice to be part of a huge throng at the Parentals, if we do that, we’ll be at Rich’s lot next year and then Mum and Dad might need someone. Aaarrgh!

So – life is busy and full and generally very good. I just need to remember about the losing weight thing among all the other competing priorities!!
Update - I lost 0.5lbs at WI last night so I'm moving forward albeit slowly. But then, if I were to drop 0.5lbs a week for a whole year I would be nearly 2 stone lighter!!

Today I've got back to my exercise routine back on track - I went for a run after work! Go me! It was hard work but I really enjoyed it. And just missed the rain.


Isabelle said...

Well done you.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear you're healthy again. It's not nice to have a cold and I sympathise entirely because I'm really useless at being ill.

On the Christmas conundrum, I also sympathise. My very nice man and I have Christmas together, just the two of us. We get invited places and say "no". We don't go anywhere (well, not to see anyone else, we had a fun 9 mile walk on Boxing Day last year) and it's just us with lots of food, good amount of booze, the Radio Times ..... what more do you need!

After a few miserable and stressful Christmases, for me this is the only way to go.


Seren said...

Glad you're feeling better and well done on your WI result.

On the subject of Christmas...I think it is safe to say that most people experience some form of stress with regards the subject! Last year was the first time (in seven years!) that D and I actually spent Christmas Day by ourselves and it was glorious, but I don't think we'll get away with it this year...