Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Weekend Update - better late than never...

It's been a really busy weekend but a really good one too. (Do I EVER post a blog saying....did nothing and had a rubbish time???)

We both had Friday off to play golf. It was the final Society day of the season held, coincidentally, at my Golf Club. There was also a meal and prize-giving afterwards with wives and girlfriends turning up so all in all very pleasant. I played alright but didn't trouble the leaders but Rich was in contention for the main prize for the best 3 scores over the course of the summer. In order to win overall, he had to win on Friday. If he came anywhere other than first on Friday, his friend Darren would win the big prize. Talk about pressure!

Anyway, we played together and he had a really steady round. His score was good not brilliant but he was the leader in the clubhouse when we got in. But we were only the second team out so he had a very nerve-wracking hour while he waited for everyone else to come in to see whether he was the winner. It was quite amusing for me to watch - there he was trying to be casual and pretend he didn't care! Ha! Anyway, his wait was worth it as he won on the day AND the season competition as well and picked up a very pleasing £125 worth of golf vouchers! Not bad for a game of golf eh?!

The meal was, as ever at my club, gorgeous and I was not in any way restrained - lots of red wine, roast pork and the most delicious sticky toffee pudding I've had for YEARS!! Aaaargh. I'm sure I said something recently about not having any temptation planned for this week - how did I forget that?! Although in my defence, I didn't have any lunch and played golf all afternoon so I was starving....yeah, no, I know that doesn't wash....

So that was Friday. Saturday was a lovely relaxing day at the football. I can't believe this season so far....Sheffield Wednesday are flying high - third in the table, 2 points off the top, unbeaten in 6 games and 7 wins out of 7 at home. It is truly amazing! After the rubbish we had to put up with over the last many seasons, this feels brilliant. Our neighbours across the city (Sheffield United) are 4 points behind us in 5th and their fans are angry with how BADLY they're doing!! It's a matter of perspective - they think they should be cruising through this division having been relegated last year whereas we're just appreciative of every good result. I can't remember looking forward to going to a match as much or feeling so relaxed while at the's bizarre!

More beer was taken before the game but I stuck to halves so damage limited.

Sunday was hectic! Up early for a round of golf with Nigel. We were on the course by 8.30am and finished by 11ish. Then home to walk the dogs, shower, change and head out to meet up with some old school pals. Me, Jenny, Kirsten and Stephanie have been good friends for over 30 years now, since that first term at school so it's great to all get together once in a while. I didn't think it would be so soon since the last visit as Kirsten moved to Australia in April. She's back for a flying visit to help her mum and dad with a health issue (she is BRILLIANT at negotiating her way round consultants and the NHS) so we all managed to carve out a few hours for Sunday lunch with 3 kids in tow. It was lovely but did involve eating, again. I didn't go mad but you know that a pub roast is not perfect dieting fayre.

Then back home for coffee and chat. As soon as they were gone it was off to Rich's mum's for an hour or so as it was her birthday and then back for supper before dashing straight off to the pub quiz!! I was knackered....

I'm loving the pub quiz this year too. Like Sheffield Wednesday, the Anglers Rest is enjoying a very good start to the season. We've lost one (narrowly) and even more narrowly won 2 against good opposition. Sunday night's match was really tight, high-scoring and we were kept on our toes the whole way through. We won it on the last question AND we won the beer round too. Cracking!

So - dieting extremely indifferent but that IS going to change. Life is good though.

I spoke a bit too soon......just heard that Wednesday have lost away at Carlisle this evening.....rats......


Sarah said...

I think your comment shows that you've got it right "diet indifferent but life is good" - how awful would it be to have been perfectly good but to be feeling utterly miserable because life is pants?!

Sarah x

Seren said...

Mmmm sticky toffee pudding - it's the one thing on a dessert menu that will make me turn away from my beloved chocolate.

Some things - having a life - are more important than dieting. My philosophy is to be good when I can but I don't want to turn into someone who goes out and nurses a Diet Coke with a slightly martyred air.