Monday, 3 October 2011

Lingering and straying

The sun hid for a spell - how glowering is that view?

You can't get the staff...we asked a chap with a giant expensive camera to take apic of us cos we thought he might do a decent job....not so much.....
But then the sun came out again - yay!
Chasing swallows!! It's the BEST thing ever!! Even better than the beach!!
More chasing of swallows - this time on scratchy stubble but who cares??
Bring back the swallows Mum!!
How are we going to get through here then??
I felt a bit sorry for this long gone Happy Joe.....don't suppose many people "rest awhile" on this seat anymore!

My cold is lingering on and being a pain. Work was really hard today. Everything was such an effort and I felt headachy, shivery and tired out. Why is it so much harder to be sitting in an office than sitting at home? I suppose the getting up, showered, dressed, driving and thinking/talking must take its toll.
I was looking forward to dancing this evening, especially after Strictly started last weekend but, by the time I got home, I didn't feel any better so we reluctantly decided to give it a miss this week. Grrrr. I feel better now, as I sit doing nothing in front of the telly, but I know I would have struggled to think through the steps and flagged physically so I know we made the right decisions.
So that's the lingering accounted for. What about the straying eh?? Eh??
I have definitely strayed further from the path of righteousness than I would have done if I'd been healthy this week. Double Grrrr.
I have not been able to do any strenuous exercise since the cold struck and that is frustrating. I've played golf and been walking but, despite what SW says, I really believe that exercise DOES make a difference to me in terms of weight loss. Maybe because I do exercise pretty damn hard?!
And in terms of food intake, well, apart from the beer etc on Saturday, it's not been BAD. But, I haven't had the energy to be really GOOD either. Today's lunch was probably the worst transgression. I was picking out my snack from Boots' Meal Deal and instead of having my usual yoghurt or fruit I just grabbed a small bar of Galaxy and went and bought it, and ate it. Resolutely. Knowing what I was doing and doing it anyway. And you know what?? It DID make me feel better. I felt so tired and shakey after just a short walk into town, all tense round the shoulders and back and weirdly the chocolate cheered me up.
I'm not usually a woman who turns to chocolate. And I'm not about to start now. I'm not going to regret it but I am going to make sure that this "using" of food for emotional reasons is NOT going to become a habit.
So, I'm cooking a chilli tonigth and no snacking!!

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