Thursday, 27 October 2011


I've been planning my birthday celebrations for November (when I'll be turning 42...yikes!). Nothing major given that it's not a Big Birthday but I still like to have something arranged.

I was torn between football and a more "romantic" type celebration. Last year we went to Bakewell and had a night in a nice hotel and smart meal out followed by a trip to Milton Keynes for the footie! This year I think I've found a similar compromise although only after a bit of bargaining and putting my foot down.

Our Sheffield 'local' is putting on a coach trip actually on my birthday to the away game against Tranmere (not the most glamourous or romantic of locations I'm sure you'll agree). I sort of want to go but don't want to miss out on a nice night out either. Torn. Then, in the background, hovers my desire to go to a Social Dance at the dance studio where we take lessons. They hold these dances every month and I, along with the female halves of our dancey pals, have been pressing to go for ages now. Rich (along with the other blokes) has developed cold feet about dancing "for real" and in front of people who are better than us!!

So, I thought that my birthday would be a good opportunity to insist.

But then I also fancied the Tranmere game and knew that Rich did too. Dilemma!!

I got a bit sulky after dancing on Monday night by Rich's lack of desire to go to a social dance and felt a bit "taken for granted". The drive home was, erm, frosty, shall we say. He was obviously mulling this over, and eventually came out with the compromise. We could go to the NEXT social dance at the beginning of December AND the Tranmere game on my birthday. Good. I can live with that and now have something nice to look forward to at the beginning of December. Dressing up and dancing "for real". It made me happy too that I didn't have to press the point, just made it clear that I thought it wasn't fair, didn't nag or whinge, and he came round. Choosing to do something he isn't keen on to make me happy and because I want to do it. That's nice

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Claire said...

Ok I'm going to try this again. If it doesn't work I give up.

I just wanted to say that I'm very pleased you two are finding ways to compromise. Its a very good and healthy sign. Yay you! x