Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Fiddling and flirting

Shelagh waiting for me on the edge of a Roman Road leading down from Hope Brinks to Edale Road near Hope. What were the Romans doing up here?? I know there are lead mines nearby which is why there was a small garrison but honestly, a road, here, in the middle of nowhere - I think they were just showing off to the locals!

View from Win Hill to Edale Valley. Lose Hill on the left and Kinder Scout on the right. Minty paddling below!

Nice wheels man...
I love the concelpt of a jacked up Morris didn't have a tax disc but i suspect it was driveable on private land fromthe tyre tracks and the geneal appearance of it....!

Not fiddling or flirting with a man (unfortunately?!) but with a new diet plan. I have found Spark People to be too fiddley and the concept of calorie control is just a bit too wide, not prescriptive enough, for me. As I've said a few times, I'm not gaining weight but I'm hardly losing it either. Beck did anticipate this issue and, in the planning stage, you're meant to nominate a back up plan. Well, one of mine was Weightwatchers Online. I've tried the local class here and it was horrendous. Really busy and I had NO empathy with the class leader, found her rather patronising and the whole atmospere unappealing. But, that doesn't mean that the WW plan is a bad one.

So, I've taken the plunge and signed up for a 2 week free trial with WW Online. I've just spent the last 45 minutes playing with the site. It doesn't look too bad. Like everything, it is fiddley to begin with but I'm sure it will improve. The charts look more user friendly. At least it is telling me my limits which was the basic problem with Spark People for me. I have 22 Points (Omigod - I've fallen into the branding thing already with the capital "P" for "Points!!) per day and can earn more by doing exercise. Lets see how it pans out.

The exercise thing is going well at the moment. I think that, once I admitted to myself that the running was not working for me at the moment, it became a lot easier as I've worked hard at finding other things. I'm not giving up on running just making it a much less frequent part of my exercise plan, maybe once a week rather than 3 or 4 times. I've found a regular squash partner (and hope I'll not be as sore if I play every week), personal training twice a week and the gym, a class, running or swimming twice a week. Add in at least 2 proper dog walks (by which I mean at least an hour in the hills rather than the usual weekday 30 minutes round the block) and that is not too bad!

I've also built in a lot more extra bits and bobs of exercise into my day. I always walk into town at lunchtime, even if I already have a salad. I try and take the stairs (3 flights) twice a day and I walk between meetings more where I might have driven before (unless it's miles away obviously!).
So, all in all, not too bad but I do want to get that first half a stone off sooner rather than later!!!


Peridot said...

I think your plan sounds as if you'll get that half stone off in no time. I look forward to hearing how you're getting on. I did WW once but basically spent all my points on chocolate - and kept borrowing from the next day too!

Peridot x

Claire said...

Seems like LOADS of exercise to me. Go you!

Mrs said...

An excellent choice, if I may say so Mrs D!!!

Well done - you sound happier now you have a plan! I think WW online, as you know, is totally user friendly. It has to be!!

Big kiss

Mrs Lxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Well I must say firstly Congratulations, you have done so incredibly well to have kept off so much weight.

Even though now you are finding the best way to maintain and continue your diet at least you are doing just that, you are keeping at it and remiain such an inspiration after two years!

As you probably guessed I well and truly fell off the waggon a good while ago, last year wasn't the best for me either health wise, emotionally and generally. But now I'm shaking off the excuses, and having one last bash at it before I let the surgeon take over.

I'm 30 next year, and don't want to start another decade huge!

I'm only on Day 2 of my diet but it's a start.

Thanks Lesley for being such proof that determination really does pay off!

Melanie x x