Friday, 20 March 2009

Grinding on

Me in front of an uprooted tree stump. Going round it caused a fair scramble on a steep leafstrewn hillside...we were lucky not to end up in the stream below!

Nadine and Ange in an old Oak wood (Sessile, hillside oaks of which there are not many left in this area gave this valley it's name - "Derwenna" being the Celtic word for oaks, leading to the Derwent river and Derwent valley. Here endeth the lesson...)

Nadine and Angela and Minty sitting on a pile of old millstones. There are hundreds just lying around this wood which used to be an old quarry. It's weird thinking about the people who used to work there, chipping away, never thinking that all their hard work would just sit there for years and years becoming moss covered and part of the landscape. (Whoops, another lesson, sorree...)

Rock scrambling the wind...

Am I boring Minty do you think??

That's 3, if not 4, good days in a row now and NO positive progress on the scales....grrrumble, moan, whinge...

I'll stick with it but this had better change soon.

Yesterday I was meant to have time to nip out to Boots for my usual low cal Boots lunch of king prawn and noodle salad (232 cals), water and some form of fruit or carrot sticks. But couldn't due to a meeting dragging on and on and on and on (you get the picture). I had about 10 minutes before the next one started and was quite hungry by now and fretting ( I know I shouldn't fret - Beck has proved to me that hunger won't kill me etc, but it was going to be a hard meeting and I could do without a rumbling tum as well). And then my eyes alighted on the emergency pack of LL mushroom soup left over from the last bout of abstinence. It was really nice and just tided me over.

So, having used that one up and got over the "pack fear/revulsion" I might try and introduce the odd pack into my day as a calorie control device. Even one meal replaced by a 125 pack has got to help. To get me over this bump.

I have another couple of things which I am grateful for following on from yesterday's post:
  • My work and work colleagues. I've known for a while how much I enjoy my job. It perfectly suits me (well, there are always aspects you like less than others but on the whole perfectly...). My colleagues are a laugh too and there's little political infighting and much laughing. Soooo much better than any other place I've worked.

  • The ability to learn. I'm loving my french class. I've made another one of those learning steps where you suddnely reach another level and can appreciate that my conversational ability is markedly better than it was even a few months ago. Yesterday my teacher and I managed an unprepared and relatively fluent few minutes chat on the oldest conjoined twins in the world (they had been on a Channel 5 documentary she had watched the night before). You can't plan for needing that sort of vocab!!


Mrs said...

Blimey! That's some chat en francais!!!!

Here's the thing - you are sounding really happy at the moment. Not fat and happy (!!!) but really grounded. That's an excellent foundation for whatever you do next.

The work thing is sooooo important - having that good feeling in the place you spend a lot of time.

I listened to Shauna's interview on La Vida Carb (or something like that - she references it on the blog). Obviously (!) there was a lot there but two things struck me - she said that the initial weight loss means everything is on hold (ie life) but life soon gets in the way so you have to make the diet fit your life not the other way round.

Second, it's an ongoing process. We're still relatively new to this game - only two years in (!) so we've still got a lot to learn. She said that her goal weight was lower than her weight now but, when she realised how much effort, sacrifice, etc would be involved she had to wonder whether it was was worth it. She also said she had found a weight (175lbs) that she was happy with and comfortable with - that could enable her to live her life which involves trying new things and travelling. Let's face it travelling is not the friend of the eternal dieter!!!

I've been reading more around maintenance and it really is the opposite of one size fits all - you have to find a regime that works with you, your body AND your life. So maybe that's the thing for you - finding a weight that you are really happy with and then finding out exactly how you can maintain it. With your life.

Right, I realise I have written a mini-essay. Must go!!!

You can so do this, Mrs D. YES, you CAN!!!!!

Big kiss

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

Isabelle said...

I enjoyed your happy things. Tres bien!