Friday, 6 March 2009

I'm struggling this evening

It should have been a good day; it started well and I played squash at lunchtime with a colleague which was a killer, really good fun and great exercise. I didn't have lunch though so grabbed a couple of biscuits to tide me over. Then, a sandwich on the way home (which could have been okay) but then food at home was totally off plan....just eating whatever I fancied with no thought for planning, dieting or limiting. Very disappointing behaviour.

I think I'm just very tired and the distance from Beck over the last fortnight has meant that it's easier to use the tiredness as an excuse than to do the exercises and walk away from the food.

Still, I've stopped now and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

I'm going to get a good night's sleep and then get up early tomorrow and go for a good long walk, just me and the dogs. No chores, no rushing around. I just want to see some hills, take some photos and breathe some air.

I'm going to the footie in the afternoon but no pub beforehand as my pal is at the Killers concert in Newcastle tomorrow. Probably just as well.

Part of me wants to go out and socialise tonight as I know that when I start to "cave" at home by myself, it's not a great sign. But part of me want so much just to stay in and go to bed. When D is home, there's no choice at the weekend and I almost always enjoy going out so I don't understand the resistance to it now.

Nope - sometimes,you just have to look after yourself and take to your bed...the decision is made.

I'm so glad I've got this blog and people out there who understand the weird vagaries of this strange dieting word we live in. Cheers chucks, I feel a bit better already.

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