Thursday, 19 March 2009

The circle of life/diets...

Me, Nadine and Angela on a very breezy day at Millstone Edge.View towards Stanage Edge

Me and Minty at our favourite rocks.

Yes, it was very windy but Nadine had just had her hair done so wouldn't tie it back....girls....

I can feel myself getting back into the swing of it. I have regulated my eating again and started turning down snacks. This morning (after personal training) I actually read my Beck cards and read another chapter of the book. And it sank in.

So, there's hope for me yet. BUT I had to wait until I'd managed to gain a couple of lbs! So, I'm not losing much and when I slip, I gain a little - I think anyone can see that this is not a good combination.

Not much damage done but I MUST actually see the scales go the other way. It is not a case of managing my weight any more it is becoming urgently necessary to lose some.

So, pep talk over. I had better get off to work which is busy busy busy. In other news, the exercise is going well and I've made an effort recently to see friends who I have not seen much of. It's been great and important too to reconnect before busy lives split you apart.

Isabelle of "In this life" fame has posted about what she is grateful for and that has set me thinking. I don't have time for a big post but a snapshot of the top of my list today are my friends; the beauty of nature (especially where I live which I appreciate every single day) and my dogs. What, no husband? I'm grateful for him too...but he's not here at the moment so at this moment in time, those are my primary influences...

It shows in the 2 lovely walks I did over the weekend with 2 different sets of friends and the dogs, combining all 3 aspects and a trip to the cinema with another friend to see "The Young Victoria" on Tuesday which combined good company and a beautiful film; visually stunning, romantic and politically interesting.


Peridot said...

Yes, I'm in exactly the same position as you - when I stop making the effort to diet I put weight on which is then tough to lose. And then I get dispirited which makes me more likely to fall off the wagon - and so it goes on. If you find the answer, PLEASE let me know!

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Love the title! Love the sentiment (of the post)! Love the piccies. We are clearly both feeling grateful.

Anyway, as I always hear your voice in my head - firm but fair - I am going to reflect back:

Come on Lesley - you CAN do this! You sooo can!

Cheerleading you on!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lx